Create Unique Meta Descriptions For Scraper Sites Benefit Only

Here’s an old school geeky test set to illustrate something I’ve long wondered about. A post on the run of the mill, natural text meta description. Google has said for years “create unique meta descriptions”. If you follow that advice to the letter – all you are doing is giving somebody else free text for their spam site. […]

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CONFIRMED: Google Penguin 3 Update October 2014

It’s guaranteed you’ll hear a lot about “Penguin 3″ from UK seo experts over the next few months. It’s not something you want to experience for yourself. Here’s my take….

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Observation on Traffic Declines and Ranking Fluctuations in Google SERPS

When can your site be 100% RELEVANT and 100% NOT RELEVANT? When Google flicks a switch…. that’s when.

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Google Censoring Negative Predictive Searches in Celebrity AutoComplete Results in the UK

Is Google censoring autocomplete suggestions on celeb searches in the UK? You decide…

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DEAD: Google Authorship Photo Not Showing In Google Search Results Anymore

Google Authorship profile pictures are being removed from as of today, which is a pity.

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Updated – Linkbuilding Tips For Beginners

I’ve updated my beginner’s guide on link building on the Hobo seo blog – based on my experience on chasing links to improve rankings in Is the risk too great to rely on unnatural links in 2014?

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Expert Digital Marketing Services

If it involves getting visitors to your site via digital channels and turning those visitors into paying customers – we do it. Are you planning on hiring a digital marketing manager? Got questions? Need strategic advice or help with planning any aspect of your internet marketing campaign? Contact us to discuss your requirements and plan […]

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Google Toolbar Pagerank Update History

Despite Google’s Matt Cutts announces that a further PR update in 2013 would be unlikely, it looks as though it has updated one last time in 2013.

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Try Our New Free SEO Training Tool

We’ve made some seo tools recently. Here’s a little free tool for you to check on some important elements of your search engine optimisation efforts.

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10 Things I Care More About Than Google Plus Votes

Do Google Plus votes have a positive impact on search engine rankings? Not likely. Here’s ten things I would focus on Instead.

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