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QUOTE: “This is an – end-to-end blueprint – for building and running a Tier 1 TechSEO agency – for the Enterprise. A living document that Shaun is constantly updating. Even the free version (also regularly updated) is more than enough to outperform the majority of the competitors. Arguably Shaun is a “hidden” Gem(which makes no sense given his command of the Tech SEO art, as … stated in the past). Paid version: Way underpriced.” Peri Papanikolaou, 2023

The Premium SEO checklist is a collection of SEO (search engine optimization) checklists available online through Google Sheets.

You can get a lifetime update if you buy today AND a free partial technical review of your own site.

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The SEO checklist is designed for:

  • Professional SEO.
  • Business owners.
  • Website managers.
  • Website developers.
  • Website designers.
  • Website content managers.
  • Website copy editors.
  • Students of SEO.

As a business owner or website development professional this checklist contains key information points for you to know about SEO that your developers, designers or copy editors need to learn and understand.

It contains both a non-technical and technical checklist too. This is a business process checklist for your company for SEO. The Hobo Newsletter delivers you private key SEO information to help you further focus on what gives you ROI.

The premium SEO checklist contains:

  • Analytics 4 migration and setup checklist.
  • Product page SEO checklist.
  • Category page SEO checklist.
  • Article page SEO checklist.
  • Sitewide technical SEO checklist.
  • Website quality rating checklist.
  • Ecommerce checklist.
  • Copywriting checklist.
  • International SEO checklist.
  • Google Discover checklist.
  • Website SEO migration checklist.
  • Open Ai (Chat GPT) API Connectivity (beta).
  • SEO task management system.
  • Key Page SEO Checklist tool (in Google Sheets).
  • Premium SEO newsletter & tips.

QUOTE: “If you ever wanted a checklist of things to do when it comes to search engine optimization, Shaun Anderson of Hobo SEO has recently produced the best one I’ve ever seen.” C Rand, 2022


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Technical SEO checklist

Technical SEO is a great place to start on any website and on larger websites, it is a must. The technical SEO checklist is a Google Spreadsheet. You will need a Google account to copy it. The checklist helps you manage your progress in addressing over 100 technical SEO challenges.

You can use Google Search Console and crawl your website to find these.

Technical SEO audit checklist in Google sheets

The SEO audit checklist contains technical SEO directions from Google (ultimately). An SEO auditor uses this spreadsheet to check off your SEO priorities. This action automatically populates the “Your SEO Tasks” tab in the Google spreadsheet.

All recommendations in the technical SEO checklist come directly from Google. You can read more about each guideline using the links provided. Items that have been checked are logged in the spreadsheet for developers to address.


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User experience checklist

User experience audit checklist.

The user experience checklist is all you need to use to identify any user or ad experience violations on your web pages.

The key page user experience audit lists the most common user experience improvements that can be made to your pages in areas like Call-To-Actions and on-page Advertisements.

Many practices used on web pages interfere with users on the page. Google demotes websites for a poor user experience in lots of ways. Keep track of your analysis using the checklist.


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eCommerce SEO checklist

eCommerce SEO Checklist for Online Stores

If you run an eCommerce store, you will need to know Google’s rules for eCommerce stores. You can use this eCommerce SEO Checklist to check your own site and gain better rankings.


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Content optimisation checklist

Key Page SEO Checklist

This SEO checklist and the newsletter are intended for website owners, SEO managers and students of SEO alike.  If you are a business owner your own website developer or designer can do this themselves.

This entry-level product gives them that chance, with advice to keep your developer on the right track when it comes to maximising Google traffic (and all based on Google guidelines).


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Web copywriting SEO checklist

SEO Copywriting Checklist

This is an SEO checklist for in-house or outsourced web page copy editors & copywriters (with no technical jargon). This checklist goes beyond the standard “write for your users” and “create useful content“.

It includes many recommendations from Google itself on how to SEO your website content.

This spreadsheet is designed to be all your copywriters or copy editors need to edit your website copy confidently to comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines.


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Website quality rater checklist

Website Quality checklist

The Website Quality Rater Checks checklist is intended for website owners, content creators, and SEO professionals. Based on the criteria Google’s Quality Raters use to evaluate websites, this checklist helps ensure your site meets these standards. It covers everything from content quality to user experience, guiding you to create a website that both users and search engines will appreciate.

Website Quality as Google defines it is a critical element of successful SEO. You can use this Website Quality Checklist to rate your website exactly the same as a Google Quality Rater does.


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Website Content Quality Checklist

Main Content (MC) quality checklist

Website content quality is yet another critical area of SEO.

You can use the Website Content Quality Checklist to check your website meets Google’s quality standards for the content you publish on your website.


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Home page SEO checklist

Home page seo checklist in Google sheets

The key page seo checklist contains advice for particular types of web pages. The home page usability checklist contains over 100 website homepage tips. Google says you should make a site for your users. These tips are how you do it.

Use the home page checklist as a business process for management to keep track of progress and understand the usability issues on the website home page. All tips are complete with a link to more information on the item.


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Article page SEO checklist

Article SEO checklist

The content on your page is a primary ranking factor that determines where you rank on Google. The checklist clarifies for you exactly the type of content Google prefers to crawl, index and rank on page 1 of Google results. Use the article SEO page recommendations direct from Google on how to get more traffic to your pages.

Use the article key page checklist to understand the type of text content Google prefers to rank. Record your findings of any page in the Google sheets The Key page SEO checklist for article page types features over 300 tips from Google on the type of content to avoid and the type of content to create. Almost all recommendations come directly from Google.


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Sitewide on-page SEO checklist

On page SEO checklist

Every page on your website and every element on each page needs optimised lightly to maximise the potential of your web content. You can use this Free On-Page SEO Checklist to check your own web pages meet Google guidelines.


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Google Search Console Pro Checklist

This is an all-inclusive Search Console Checklist, primarily designed for SEO specialists, website owners, or anyone managing an online business. It provides a detailed yet comprehensible list of tasks to help maintain your website, fix issues, and make improvements to maximize your site’s presence in Google Search results. This resource allows you to follow Google’s best practices to enhance your website’s searchability and visibility.


Google Local Profile SEO Checklist

This is the Local SEO Pro sheet for businesses with physical locations and local service area businesses. It provides a roadmap for optimizing your website for local searches, enhancing your online presence in the local search results, and driving more organic traffic. This easy-to-follow checklist includes critical factors that influence local rankings according to Google’s Local Search algorithms.


Google Merchant Center Checklist

Tailored for ecommerce store owners, managers, or digital marketers, this Merchant Center Pro checklist is a guide to leveraging Google Merchant Center for your online store. It walks you through how to get your shop and products listed directly in Google’s search results and shopping tabs. It encompasses step-by-step tasks to manage your product information effectively, abiding by Google’s shopping ad policies and requirements.


Meta Tags Checklist

This is a Meta Tags Pro checklist intended for web developers, SEO professionals, and content creators. It underscores the importance of proper meta tags usage, which can significantly influence a website’s visibility in search engine results. It presents Google’s best practices for utilizing meta tags to boost your SEO efforts effectively.


JavaScript Checklist

Designed for web developers and SEO specialists, the JavaScript Pro checklist is a comprehensive guide to SEO-friendly JavaScript. It incorporates Google’s recommendations for making JavaScript-driven websites or web applications more discoverable and indexable. This checklist can be your tool to ensure that your JavaScript content is accessible and understandable to search engines, thereby optimizing your site’s ranking potential.


Crawl Management Checklist

The Crawl Management Pro checklist is a resource for website owners, administrators, and SEO professionals who manage large or complex websites. This guide includes tasks for effectively managing your site’s crawlability to ensure Google and other search engines can find and index your content properly. It incorporates advice from Google on how to facilitate better crawling and indexing of your web pages.


Structured Data Checklist

Created for web developers, SEO specialists, and site owners, the Structured Data Pro checklist aims to assist in implementing structured data correctly. It includes detailed tasks based on Google’s guidelines to help search engines better understand your website’s content. This checklist is your aid to improve your website’s SEO by leveraging structured data.


XML Sitemaps Checklist

This Sitemaps Pro checklist is a tool for website administrators and SEO specialists. It covers all you need to create and submit an effective XML sitemap, guiding search engines to discover all pages on your site and understand their relative importance. This sheet walks you through Google’s recommendations for sitemap creation and submission.


Page Experience Checklist

The Page Experience Pro checklist is designed for UX designers, web developers, and SEO professionals. It includes tasks to improve user experience metrics like loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability, all of which play a vital role in Google’s page experience ranking factor. This guide ensures your website complies with Google’s page experience signals, enhancing your SEO strategy.


Robots.txt Checklist

The Robots.txt Pro checklist is an essential tool for web administrators and SEO specialists. It guides you through creating and managing a robots.txt file, helping you control how search engine crawlers interact with your site. This resource is based on Google’s guidelines and ensures your website’s proper crawling and indexing.


Canonicalization Checklist

This Canonicalization Pro checklist is meant for webmasters, SEO specialists, and content creators. It helps manage duplicate content issues by guiding you through the process of correctly implementing canonical tags based on Google’s best practices. This tool ensures your preferred versions of your pages are prioritized in search engine results.


Home Page UX Checklist

Created for web designers, UX experts, and SEO professionals, the Home Page UX checklist is a guide to designing a user-friendly, engaging, and SEO-optimized homepage. It covers tasks derived from Google’s guidelines and best practices in user experience and search optimization. It is all you need to enhance the usability and discoverability of your homepage.


Website Migration SEO Checklist

The Website Migration Pro checklist is a tool for SEO managers, web developers, and site owners undergoing a website migration. It includes tasks for a smooth and SEO-friendly site migration process, ensuring minimal impact on your website’s search rankings. This checklist, based on Google’s best practices, helps you avoid common migration mistakes and maintain your SEO performance.


Ecommerce SEO Checklist

Designed for ecommerce store owners, marketers, or SEO managers, the Ecommerce Pro checklist provides a roadmap for optimizing your online store for search engines. This resource covers everything from product listing optimization to site structure, ensuring your ecommerce site adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines and drives maximum organic traffic.


Mobile SEO Checklist

The Mobile SEO Pro checklist is made for SEO specialists, web developers, and site owners to ensure a mobile-friendly website. It covers all necessary tasks based on Google’s mobile-first indexing approach, ensuring that your mobile website provides a seamless user experience and ranks well in mobile search results.


Video SEO Pro

This Video SEO Pro checklist is designed for video creators, digital marketers, and SEO professionals. It outlines the tasks to make your video content discoverable and indexable by search engines, using Google’s video best practices. This tool ensures that your video content contributes positively to your overall SEO strategy.


International SEO Checklist

Created for businesses operating in multiple countries or languages, the International SEO Setup checklist covers tasks for properly implementing hreflang tags, managing duplicate content, and optimizing your site for international search. It is based on Google’s guidelines to ensure your international SEO strategy is on par with Google’s best practices.


Google Discover Checklist

This Google Discover checklist is for content creators, digital marketers, and SEO professionals who aim to leverage Google’s Discover feature. It provides a detailed task list based on Google’s best practices for improving your content’s chances of appearing in the Discover feed, thereby driving more organic traffic to your site.


Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines Checklist

The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines checklist is designed for SEO professionals, content creators, and web administrators. It provides a clear and concise task list derived from Google’s guidelines used by Search Quality Raters to evaluate website quality. This tool helps you understand what Google considers high-quality content, allowing you to align your website with these standards and improve its search ranking.

The E.E.A.T. Checklist (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is created for content creators, SEO specialists, and website owners. This tool guides you through the process of building and demonstrating your website’s E.E.A.T., which Google considers a significant part of its search quality evaluations. By following the tasks in this checklist, you can create content that showcases your expertise and trustworthiness, improving your website’s credibility and SEO.


Analytics 4 Setup Checklist

This Analytics 4 Setup checklist is designed for digital marketers, SEO specialists, and website owners. It outlines the necessary steps to correctly set up and use Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google’s web analytics service. Based on Google’s recommendations, this checklist ensures you can accurately track and analyze your website’s performance and user behaviour, essential elements for any successful SEO strategy.


SEO Starter Guide

This checklist is an SEO Starter Guide for beginners, small business owners, bloggers, or anyone new to the world of SEO. It provides a simple, step-by-step guide on the basics of SEO, following Google’s guidelines. This checklist ensures a firm foundation for your SEO knowledge, from understanding how search engines work to optimizing your website’s visibility.


Links on your Site Guide

The Links on your Site checklist is for webmasters, content creators, and SEO specialists. It outlines tasks to ensure proper link usage within your website, improving your site’s navigation, user experience, and SEO. Following Google’s recommendations, this checklist helps you utilize internal and external links effectively.


Spam Guide

The Spam checklist is a useful tool for website administrators and SEO managers. It provides a list of tasks to prevent and manage spam on your website, adhering to Google’s guidelines. This checklist ensures your website remains free of spam, maintaining your website’s credibility and ranking in search engine results.


Keyword Research Guide

The Keyword Research checklist is designed for content creators, digital marketers, and SEO professionals. It provides a step-by-step guide for effective keyword research, using techniques and tools in line with Google’s best practices. This resource aids in finding the right keywords that can improve your content’s visibility and searchability.


Task Manager system (Beta)

Who’s doing what? SEO often fails because of poor communication. This free tool combines your SEO checklist and web developer task list into one system to help get the work done. See the “Your SEO Tasks” tab for your initial SEO tasks. You can make your own fully-functional copy of the Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager. It’s a Google sheet you own to manage your SEO, with no ongoing costs. This system is a beta function.

The Premium SEO checklist is a collection of SEO checklists available online through Google Sheets you can purchase.

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