SEO consulting services

Hobo Web is an SEO (search engine optimisation) consultant based in Scotland that provides you with an SEO consulting service for your in-house or third-party web development team. If you are a website owner or website manager looking for professional SEO services in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.


SEO consulting services for your website

SEO consulting services include:

  • project management of your SEO
  • audit of your website SEO
  • prioritisation of your SEO tasks
  • direction for your web development team on all matters of SEO
  • monitoring your SEO performance
  • analysis of your Google Search Console data
  • development of your content marketing and link-building strategy
  • training of your in-house or third-party team
  • training of your in-house or third-party copywriters
  • online zoom meetings

Hobo SEO consultants follow Google’s webmaster guidelines in all decisions taken on your behalf.

Have your own website development team address the SEO tasks identified in Hobo SEO audits, or employ Hobo SEO consultants to do it.

SEO consulting services are tailored to your business.


SEO services you can pay monthly

Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are specifically designed for you as a website owner or website manager looking for an experienced SEO team to manage your website. You employ the Hobo team on a monthly basis to project manage, optimise and edit your website in line with the Google webmaster guidelines.

This is a premium service for you, not a bulk page editing service. The SEO service now includes both copywriting edits and technical SEO advice – a complete SEO support system for your business.

You can pause or cancel this subscription at any time.

Hobo starts the project within a few days of payment.

Monthly SEO services include:

  • tailoring your SEO package
  • Agreeing on the keyword phrases you are targeting and the pages you are using to do it
  • checking your pages using our Premium SEO checklists
  • rewriting the text for these important pages to bring them in line with primary Google recommendations (which Hobo have tested works).
  • delivering new pages reworked to rank better for your target keywords
  • repeating the process over time with new pages treated
  • Monthly Zoom call to discuss campaign progress and performance
  • optional SEO audit
  • optional user experience and website quality audit

All recommendations you receive come directly from Google, this is not black hat SEO!

Let us take care of your SEO.

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