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QUOTE: “We’ve been working with HOBO for around 2 years now, and in that time the performance of our site has gone from strength to strength – considerably outstripping our expectations. They have provided timely, considered and expert advice which has always proved beneficial, and have also been proactive in suggesting new tactics and strategies to try. All communication is friendly and their level of service is spot on. I would thoroughly recommend HOBO to anyone looking for SEO advice / services, and to improve the performance of their website.” Matt Dobson | Marketing Manager GWP Group Feb 2020

Hobo Web is an agency based in Greenock, Inverclyde. We are a professional SEO company in Scotland (UK). My consultants keep up-to-date with the latest legitimate ways to get your website to the top of search engine results pages and keep it there. Since 2006, we’ve delivered specific ad-hoc UK SEO services. We provide a broader contracted UK-Based global campaign management and deployment service. 50,000 email subscribers enjoy our newsletter.

Case Study 2020

Paid Monthly SEO Services include:

  1. Professional SEO Consultation
  2. Google Webmaster Guidelines Adherence
  3. Professional SEO audit of your website
  4. Prioritisation of your SEO tasks
  5. Remote Management of your SEO team
  6. Rank Tracking
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Development Of Content Strategy
  9. Analytics Analysis
  10. Backlink Monitoring
  11. Website Migration Management
  12. Detection of under-performance, penalties and manual actions
  13. Manual review, investigation & detection of “unnatural links”
  14. Investigation & detection of “negative SEO” attacks
  15. Disavow of toxic or unnatural links (costed separately if large backlink profile)
  16. Help and management of Google Reconsideration Request process
  17. Removal of toxic links (costed separately IF required)
  18. Technical audit of your website
  19. Technical audit of the most important pages on your site
  20. In-depth keyword research for your niche, services and products
  21. Competitor research
  22. Competitor spam detection
  23. Quality back-link identification in the niche & advice on how to build quality backlinks
  24. Site-wide review of your website from a Google Quality Rater perspective
  25. Advice on how to proceed to avoid future Google ranking issues
  26. Advice on content marketing and other link building activities

Our affordable website SEO services are designed to earn your website more traffic and sales from Google organic traffic in a legitimate way and for the long term.

You earn increased traffic from Google first by submitting ‘high-quality‘ sites to Google that meet their technical and quality rater standards. Google can penalise sites that do not meet accepted quality requirements. We check your website against these search engine requirements and take appropriate action to ensure you do meet them in future.

SEO costs for any project are dependent on the size of your website, the type of work required to fix anything and how much time said work would take to implement. All websites are unique, so every SEO campaign needs to be unique, too, in terms of work deployed and project timescales.

QUOTE: TESTIMONIAL CLIENT A (Ecommerce)* – “Thanks for your email, great to see such significant improvements in the organic ranking and glad we have been implementing your advice in the way you wish. Many thanks for your advice and we look forward to the future. DECEMBER 2017”

Generally, we can:

  • perform this SEO service for you and we base our costs on the challenges we can quickly identify, or
  • work with another party, if you have an in-house or third-party web development team, and we can consult with them to ensure all technical quality guidelines are met and monitor their progress change-by-change on your website

Contracted SEO Services Paid Weekly, or Monthly

Our bespoke SEO package is designed to clean a site up, get it optimised and prepared for a higher quality web marketing program in the near future (which we can help organise).

QUOTE: TESTIMONIAL CLIENT B (Ecommerce)* – Hi Shaun, hope you are well We put the changes discussed live (removing [redacted] and other tweaks) and very quickly saw a result We will run it for a couple more weeks and hope to see further gains, so far it is great news” NOV 2017

1. Paid Weekly or Monthly SEO Packages

You can hire us to carry out the necessary SEO work and pay us:

  • weekly or
  • monthly
  • daily

We have flexible payment terms. We accept payment for services via Paypal or invoice.

We provide performance and ranking reports on request. The third-party tools we have access to alone could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a month just to pay for access to.

QUOTE: TESTIMONIAL CLIENT C (Supply & Manufacturing)* – “Thank you once again for your help with this, and for everything else you have worked on over the course of 2017 – from myself and everyone here at [redacted], we genuinely appreciate the great job you have done for us.” Dec 2017

2. We Can Work With A Smaller Budget

Our professional search engine optimisation services are designed to get your business site optimised to get the most out of Google natural listings. We do that by meeting Google’s requirements in terms of how it rates the quality of your website against other competing sites.

SEO costs are dependent on the size of the challenge and the hours that we can spend on the project through the period selected – a larger budget means more hours to focus on priority items.

QUOTE: TESTIMONIAL CLIENT D (Ecommerce) – “Thank you for the detailed info below – it is much appreciated and as useful as always.” DEC 2017

SEO Services we provide as part of a typical SEO campaign for a business


NOTE: If your site has a manual action or are penalised, we address this first and foremost.

3. We Give You Honest Feedback On Your Business Model

We are not the type of company to just take your money and then not advise you on the return-on-investment of your current business model. We will tell you if your current business model is outdated, and advise you if you should rethink your business strategy.

A real business can always get the full benefits from a legitimate campaign but is not a viable strategy for the long term for those businesses who ignore Google guidelines. Some affiliate websites, for instance, will need to perform very well in certain areas if they hope to gain traction in the long term. We advise you on these areas and aim to do so to save your investment in time, resources and budget.

4. We Analyse Your Site & Review Your Ranking Performance To Date

We perform the most detailed SEO audit possible on your site to work out whats been happening with your site to date. We check to see if your site is failing to comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in any area and also review your site looking to see if the website fails to comply with Google Quality Rater Guidelines.

The first step to ranking high for the long term is to meet Google’s recommendations. If your site fails to meet quality guidelines, your site will be impacted by Google quality updates which happen more and more frequently.

5. We Fix Website Technical Errors

We first set up a technical monitoring system where all important changes to the site architecture are now monitored and recorded henceforth, so you can see a record of exactly what technical work has been completed on your website.

After an audit and review of your website, we apply any technical fixes to your website that brings it into line with Google’s guidelines on a high-quality user-friendly website.

We use Google Search Console, the best SEO tools available and our own tools and processes to identify these issues.

From here we can either:

  • perform this SEO service for you and we base our costs on the challenges we can quickly identify, or
  • we can lay down a strategy and plan for your website, based on a page-by-page, and section-by-section review of your website.
  • if you have an in-house or third-party web development team, we can consult with them to ensure all technical quality guidelines are met and monitor their progress change-by-change on your website

These technical challenges may include:

  • fixing sub-optimal pagination setup on your pages
  • resolving poor indexation management on the site
  • untangling improper canonicalisation practices on the site
  • simplifying improper or suboptimal redirects
  • giving Google access to important elements on your site
  • fixing broken links on your site
  • removing elements on your site that will annoy visitors
  • identifying and removing doorway pages
  • applying sensible best practice approaches

6. We Fix Google Manual Actions and Ranking ‘Penalties’

If you are a real business, we can fix any manual action or ranking penalty that is impacting your site. These are often caused by technical problems, inexperienced online strategy or using old-style tactics that Google now frowns upon (tactics that can be cleaned up).


7. We Fix Site Usability & Website Speed Problems

We always start with a review of your current website speed and usability scores. We take benchmark recordings of your website speed now and after we improve it so we can report back to you on your improved ratings in this area.

From here we can either:

  • perform this SEO service for you and we base our costs on the challenges we can quickly identify, or
  • we can lay down a strategy and plan for your website, based on a page-by-page, and section-by-section review of your website.

Google ranks pages that satisfy users at the top of search engine results pages. Improving the speed and usability of your responsive website is one of the best ways to improve the user experience of visitors to your website.

8. We perform Competitor Research

We review your competitors to see why they rank where they do. Once we have this information we can use it your advantage. We can formulate a content and user-focused strategy based on your project goals and the most pragmatic opportunity available to you.

9. We perform Keyword Research

We review your competitors to see what keywords they rank for and what positions they currently hold over your own site. Once we have this information we can use it your advantage. We can formulate a keyword-based strategy based on your project goals and the most pragmatic opportunity available to you.


10. We address Page Title & Meta Description Tag & Usability Optimisation

We always start with a review of your current website title elements and metadata.

We can then, either:

  • perform this SEO service for you and we base our costs on the size of your website and the number of pages you require Title Tags and Meta Descriptions optimised, or
  • we can lay down a strategy and plan for your website, page-by-page, and section-by-section of your website.

In both cases, we aim to clean up unnecessary old techniques present and optimise the page titles and meta description to meet Google’s quality guidelines.

Optimising your page titles and meta description for instance, to both rank high in Google and attract clicks is an art form.

Our page title and meta optimisation services are specifically designed to recreate your page titles and meta descriptions to attract more clicks in Google SERPs. We have nearly 20 years experience optimising elements and metadata.


11. We Carry Out Internal Link Optimisation & Website Architecture Optimisation

We always start with a review of your current website information architecture. We optimise internal anchor text and internal navigation systems to ensure your navigation system gives Google as much context about your pages as possible.

We use keyword mapping principles to map important keywords to important pages on your site that can rank against the competition. We aim to identify and remove doorway pages and improve the pages that remain.


12. We Carry Out Schema Implementation & Local Business Optimisation Services

We always start with a review of your current website visibility in local search engine results pages and your current schema and rich markup implementation.

After that review, we tailor your website schema and other important information to your business in a way that exactly meets Google’s quality guidelines to ensure your web content ranks as well as it should in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)


In part 6 of the process, we submit costs for the following areas, if agreed that they should be prioritised:

13. We Can Provide Website Promotion and Link Building packages

We always start with a review of your current website promotion techniques. Some of the techniques you use may have to come to an end.

We can advise on areas of sponsored web marketing that will have a realistic ROI for your business and could have a positive impact on SEO:

  • Google Adwords PPC management
  • Twitter ads management
  • Linkedin ads management
  • Facebook ads management
  • Link building and outreach management

A sensible approach to organic web marketing is to have professionals write your web copy, and have a marketing person with expertise and invested in your company to spearhead content creation on the site that users can share. Such a person should come from within your organisation, who we can assist.

Link building should focus on high-quality marketing if you want to stay within Google’s guidelines. We analyse your niche to look for high-quality links, and hunt for (for example) any previous competitor strategy that worked well and that could be emulated to bring success to your SEO efforts.

14. We Provide Content Quality Optimisation and New Page Creation Services

We always start with a review of your current website content quality. Some of the techniques you use may have to come to an end. We reduce unnecessary keyword stuffing and get you focused on creating content with a purpose for users, not just search engines.

We can advise on areas of content marketing that will have a realistic ROI for your business.

We specialise in:

  • web page content reclamation and reusing your current website content in a more optimal fashion to get the most out of your SEO campaign
  • web page content cleaning and content creation services for very large sites with sometimes hundreds of thousands or millions of pages

15. We Provide Website Backlink Disavow and Link Cleaning Services

We always start with a review of your current backlink profile. Some of the techniques you used in the past may indeed be hampering your rankings today. It is always worth reviewing the links that point to your site from other sites and categorising your links in a way so you can make a determination whether it would be better to disavow old SEO attempts and start afresh.

We have helped many businesses over the years lift a Google manual action for unnatural links. If your site has a Google manual action for these types of links, a disavow and link clean-up attempt is usually the only practical way of lifting the penalty.

The length of time that this critical task will take is naturally dependent on the number of backlinks that you have and the type of links that you have pointing to your site that need to be checked.

16. We Can Create New Tools or Functionality On Your Site

Once we have reviewed your competition, it may be prudent to build better functionality on your site in the way of a better conversion tool.

We can plan, design and produce website tools to meet user intentions and keep them satisfied and returning to your website (which in itself thought to be one of the hundreds of Google ranking factors).

17. We Provide Ongoing Optimisation Tweaks

As part of an SEO program, we react to changes in Google that may provide opportunities for you. For instance, if Google changes meta description lengths, we may refocus on such an element of your site to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign.

18. How We Price Paid Weekly or Monthly SEO Campaigns

Many customers ask us to manage a weekly, monthly or yearly SEO project budget, say for £1,000 pounds a month, and we can do this.

To price an SEO project exactly, we need to:

  • Know your website
  • Understand your project aims
  • Understand the website history

…and then we submit a proposal to you.

EXAMPLE: If you have a monthly budget you want to spend on SEO, we can submit an initial 3 month SEO campaign based on your budget. If you need that work completed faster, we can tailor a service to a weekly budget that fits your business aims.

OFTEN – clients purchase an SEO audit for their site, and then we move to deploy an SEO campaign based on the priorities that our professional SEO audit uncovers.

Use the form below to inquire about prices and timescales for any service.

We create a bespoke package tailored to your website and your budget.

Professional Search Engine Optimisation Services

We have aimed to provide the very best SEO services for clients since I launched this site in 2006.

We tailor our services to suit your business, and our services focus on investing your budget in improving the quality and reputation of your website, not on SEO tricks that won’t last.

We identify the priorities immediately in an initial ad-hoc SEO Audit.

Once we know the findings from this audit and what your priorities should actually be, we can then submit costs for running your campaign month to month.

You will receive your first directions from us within about 5 working days of purchasing a website review.

We optimise websites to work better in modern search engines like, & and get more FREE traffic from these engines. Our SEO services are “white hat” or “ethical”- meaning consultants in our agency consider, recommend and follow search engine guidelines in any optimisation campaign.

We want top ten rankings that last. We understand how people search for information on the web and we ensure our clients are visible in the unpaid listings that are provided by search engines.

In time, with professional keyword research, with logical, constant observation, modification and testing of links and text, we get your website ranking in all popular search engines for your profitable keywords, using search engine friendly techniques that help you compete with your competition.

We provide services can fit just about any company’s website and budget, and we have a fantastic small business package.

We love making websites that work best with search engines, and “fixing” websites that underperform.

SEO is a passion for us. I have over 20 years experience alone, designing, creating and developing sites that work with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We’ve worked with small businesses, national organisations, big brands, universities, colleges and the NHS.

SEO is an art, but it’s not black magic.

There is no “quick fix” and shortcuts often leads to problems in the future for you.

Our practices are aimed at long term placement in search engines and by building and improving your online reputation in, especially.

We focus on ‘on-page’ and ‘on-site’ website optimisation and implement content-based web marketing strategy focused on improving your rankings, and improving the traffic to your site.

With an accessible website, a sensible internal linking structure, proper canonical and indexation control, the right keyword rich content, and the right incoming links, any website can begin to achieve more visibility in Google, Yahoo & Bing via website optimisation.

We know how to make this happen using nous and our SEO tools and software. So much so, in fact, we’ve not spent a penny advertising ourselves in traditional advertising or PPC since I launched this website in 2006.

We don’t advertise anywhere, apart from in free, organic listings in search engines. Organic traffic accounts for 50% of our business in an average year.

We have clients from Glasgow, to London, to Bermuda, to Australia and everywhere in between. We work with you to optimise your website effectively and to a budget you specify.

Our website is visited by between 50,000-100,000 people every month from sources like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. Our articles are widely read and often cited by the most respected professionals and industry news sites in the UK, and in the US.

That makes us one of the most visited SEO blogs in the world, and we have currently almost 50,000 people subscribed to our free newsletter where we share expert tips on getting better rankings in global search engines and in local search.

We can advise you on any area of organic SEO including but not limited to:

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory submission
  • Website Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Search engine copy editing
  • Local & global search placement
  • Keyword ranking reports
  • Visitor traffic reports
  • Title & meta optimisation
  • SERP snippet optimisation
  • Video optimisation
  • Website information architecture
  • Social media marketing
  • Link building
  • Online reputation management
  • Ecommerce SEO

Small Business SEO Packages

We find the balanced marketing approach that gets your website the most from Google, without getting you penalised by Google!

We focus on technical SEO and keyword optimisation – which is the KEY to successful SEO. Basically – that means making you the highest quality, most relevant option for Google when it comes to ranking pages for its search engine service.

We focus on improving the performance of your website, improving the relevance of your website content, the accessibility of its information, and the reputation of your backlink profile, to help you get more visitors from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Our SEO packages start with a fixed price audit, and then we quote for any work agreed upon.

In this audit, we analyse your current website, and competition, to give you clear recommendations on what needs to happen on your site to get more traffic from Google, and to avoid their punitive algorithms.

You can also hire us for one-off projects to advise on what specifically to do to your website to improve traffic from Google. If you are concerned about unnatural links to your site, we can help you with that too.

If you have a budget you can work with every month, and want us to quote for your work, you can use the form at the bottom of this page.

The only difference campaign to campaign is studio hours and how quickly these items can be addressed. EVERY campaign will cover the items detailed above through the course of the project – the difference in costs come down to hours in the studio and how many hours can be assigned to the project through the month.

Costs are dependent on hours needed to complete the tasks involved, and this is dependent on many factors we can only determine once we know the full picture of your web marketing activity, after auditing your website.

We address PRIORITY items as early as possible in the campaign, as this is normally more affordable for customers, and we avoid SEO techniques that Google will penalise you for in the future.

If you wish for the services to be completed in a shorter period i.e. 1-2 months we can schedule the work with the contract fee paid over this shorter timescale.

SEO Consultation Services In The UK

I am a remote SEO consultant based in Greenock in Inverclyde, Scotland in the UK.

Day-to-day I work out and prioritise SEO tasks for your web development team and get them focused on the right areas.

With over 20 years experience in SEO and online marketing, I provide UK-based SEO consultation services on sites of any size, in most commercial niches, to companies around the world. When you hire me to manage your SEO, you get a remote SEO director with 20 years of experience managing your project for the cost you would pay a graduate out of university.

You get:

  • SEO task prioritisation
  • advice and direction on the prioritised task at hand from an experienced search engine marketer
  • an ongoing discussion about your site and SEO strategy
  • advice and identification of potential risks (Google penalties)
  • advice on website migrations
  • advice on off-page on-page SEO
  • advice on competitors
  • monitoring of your website and SEO
  • you or your team can contact me using Telephone, Skype Group (& Email) Support at any time to keep on top of things and to discuss strategy and priorities) – I can naturally use many means to integrate with your team
  • you can get immediate answers to any SEO questions and any required investigation carried out by me e.g. competitor analysis, site auditing, trends analysis – anything that contributes towards SEO strategy.
  • You’ll get an adaptable, fluid account manager for your project that can integrate seamlessly with your development team across even multiple websites in your portfolio
  • You’ll receive from me prioritisation of SEO tasks for your team and Ill manage this through Google spreadsheets to ensure successful collaboration and sharing. (I tell your team what to do to hit SEO best practices, and I check they have managed to make the changes correctly)

My consultancy is aimed towards optimising websites to meet Google’s quality rater criteria and Google webmaster technical recommendations (otherwise known as ethical or white hat SEO).

The specialist areas I have the most experience are.

  • SEO
  • accessibility
  • conversion optimisation
  • analytics analysis
  • backlinks analysis
  • competition reporting and
  • improving the user experience on websites (desktop and mobile)
  • website migration

Prioritised Tasks

This SEO service is specifically designed to accommodate website owners or managers who lead third-party, in-house, or off-shore development teams that need support from an experienced SEO in identifying and prioritising SEO issues on a website.

If hired, I aim to provide 24-48 hour SEO support services through this consultation agreement.

My clients employ me as a remote SEO manager via monthly subscription to either:

  1. do SEO tasks on their behalf, or
  2. manage their in-house or third-party teams as they implement SEO tasks I lay down, manage and check.

Where I fit into your organisation is entirely dependent on your budget and your current support team setup.

My employment month to month is 100% in your control, so as you can imagine, I don’t take my eyes off the ball, and my aim is to create ROI for you.

You can hire me to manage your in-house or international third-party development team when it comes to anything related to SEO.

It is my aim to work with you long-term to ensure the success of your business and deliver a professional service at all times.

How It Works

If you wish to continue to employ me, I will set up a recurring payment. If you remain subscribed, you will be billed monthly my fee as I continue to work for you, managing your inhouse or remote team.

Once I have the first payment confirmed, I start work immediately on your project. I will need 1 week to get up-to-speed with your business, including a Skype telephone conference near the end of the 1st week to discuss your primary business goals and pending strategy.

Recent successes:

Case Study 1: (Managing a global team of developers)

Case Study 2: (Managing a global team of developers)

Case Study 3: (Website Migration – Managing an inhouse development team)




White Label SEO Service

We provide fast and bespoke ‘White Label’ SEO audits, reports and services to marketing agencies, web and creative design companies of any size.

Our reports are based on meeting Google Webmaster Guidelines and improving ‘site health’. We offer clear ‘white hat’ advice on which priorities to focus on that will actually have a positive impact on rankings in Google.

Our bespoke reports merge manual analysis with on-demand automation and many years of experience to provide valuable insight to anyone wanting to get more Google organic traffic to a website.

This insight can help an account handler with limited knowledge:

  • Avoid or Identify ranking penalties
  • Identify what to fix to get out of a penalty
  • Lay down a plan of work for web, copywriting and creative teams
  • Identify user experience issues
  • Identify technical issues
  • Identify risky old school SEO practices on the site
  • Keyword research and tracking for new in-depth article content creation
  • Check the site against Webmaster guidelines
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Competitor backlinks analysis
  • Highlight problematic areas of any site
  • Rank checking & tracking
  • Track performance using Google Analytics
  • Identify changes made to the site and positive results from this
  • Educate clients to why changes are required, with advice direct from publicly recorded Google statements.

We do the SEO analysis that would take you weeks to do. Our support negates the need for you to manage many different third-party crawling, keyword research and backlink analysis tools, leaving you to focus on the creative stuff you do best.

If you need support producing actionable SEO advice for your team, contact us.

You can see just some of the technical data we look at to offer our recommendations by reviewing our SEO audit service.

(Please also note I reserve the right to decline an invite to review any site, and I prioritise those who provide me more details of their requirements with a proposed budget. I cannot possibly answer all the inquiries I get. I prioritise answering the projects that interest me, and where there is a commercial benefit for me, and your business.)

Contact Us

  • *Please give us as much information as possible about what you are looking for.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.