Remote SEO Management For Your Website Development Team

I can help you develop an SEO strategy and manage your SEO team as they implement it.

My clients employ me as a remote SEO manager via monthly subscription to either:

  1. do SEO tasks on their behalf, or
  2. manage their in-house or third-party teams as they implement SEO tasks I lay down, manage and check.

Where I fit into your organisation is entirely dependent on your budget and your current support team setup.

My employment month to month is 100% in your control, so as you can imagine, I don’t take my eyes off the ball, and my aim is to create ROI for you.

You can hire me to manage your in-house or international third-party development team when it comes to anything related to SEO.

When you hire me to manage your SEO, you get a remote SEO director with 20 years of experience managing your project (who for the last 5 years has ranked top ten or thereabouts for “SEO” in the UK)  for the cost you would pay a graduate out of university.

It is my aim to work with you long-term to ensure the success of your business and deliver a professional service at all times.

What you get:

  • You or your team can contact me using Telephone, Skype Group (& Email) Support at any time to keep on top of things and to discuss strategy and priorities) – I can naturally use many means to integrate with your team
  • You can get immediate answers to any SEO questions and any required investigation carried out by me e.g. competitor analysis, site auditing, trends analysis – anything that contributes towards SEO strategy.
  • You’ll get an adaptable, fluid account manager for your project that can integrate seamlessly with your development team across even multiple websites in your portfolio
  • You’ll receive from me prioritisation of SEO tasks for your team and Ill manage this through Google spreadsheets to ensure successful collaboration and sharing. (I tell your team what to do to hit SEO best practices, and I check they have managed to make the changes correctly)

How It Works

If you wish to continue to employ me, I will set up a recurring payment. If you remain subscribed, you will be billed monthly my fee as I continue to work for you, managing your inhouse or remote team.

Once I have the first payment confirmed, I start work immediately on your project. I will need 1 week to get up-to-speed with your business, including a Skype telephone conference near the end of the 1st week to discuss your primary business goals and pending strategy.

Recent successes:

Case Study 1: (Managing a global team of developers)

Case Study 2: (Managing a global team of developers)

Case Study 3: (Website Migration – Managing an inhouse development team)



Remote SEO Support

No more guessing.

I’m on hand at my offices near Glasgow, in Scotland in the UK to answer any SEO questions your website development team may have. I back up all my recommendations using Google Webmaster Guidelines as best practice:

QUOTE: “My strongest advice when working with an SEO is to request if they corroborate their recommendation with a documented statement from Google” Maile Ohye, Google 2017

Check out a sample of my support documents on search engine optimisation,  link building,  changing domains or websites, duplicate content, unnatural links,  title tagsmeta tags and crawling and indexation.

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