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Hobo Web is a UK SEO company based in Scotland (Greenock, in Inverclyde), providing you with a full-spectrum SEO (search engine optimisation) company service, including SEO consultation and implementation services.

If you’re looking for a professional search engine optimiser in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing an SEO service since 2006.


SEO consultancy service

QUOTE: “GWP has worked with Hobo Web  for around 4 years, and in that time the performance of the site has gone from strength to strength – considerably outstripping expectations. Hobo has provided timely, considered and expert advice which has always proved beneficial, and have also been proactive in suggesting new tactics and strategies to try. All communication is friendly and their level of service is spot on.  Hobo Web is thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for SEO advice / services, and website performance improvments.Testimonials

Hobo Web provides SEO consultancy services for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us if you require ongoing SEO consulting services to manage your SEO campaign.


SEO audit service

If you are looking for a UK SEO consultant to conduct an SEO audit for your business, you are in the right place.

Contact the team if you are looking to get an SEO audit completed on your site.

QUOTE: “Shaun and his team were great to work with, they met deadlines and really knew their stuff when it came to SEO. Would recommend them again.Testimonials.

Hobo Web also provides you with an SEO audit implementation service.


Website migration service

Hobo Web’s  SEO specialists offer you professional website migration planning and services for your business. As an SEO provider, Hobo Web’s team has experience in migrating hundreds of websites over 20+ years.

Hobo’s website migration service is designed to transfer Google rankings from one site to another.

For more information, see website migration services.


Website development service

QUOTE: “The Tontine first got in contact with Hobo over 11 years ago (2010) when problems with the website surfaced. Shaun and his team got involved and the next thing an all new singing-and-dancing website was up and running and ranking well for local business keywords. Although the Tontine staff not very “technical aware”, Shaun and Hobo has kept them at the forefront of technology for over a decade and if staff have any queries, Hobo Web consultants get back with their suggestions very quickly. The guys at Hobo are highly recommended for any website design, website development or SEO services.” Joe Nelis, Owner, Tontine Website, 2021

If you are looking for a website designer or website developer, Hobo Web has provided a professional website development service since 2006.

Hobo Web provides you with bespoke website design and development services with in-house specialists in WordPress and Magento CMS.

Our team of developers manage, design, and launch websites completely remotely from bases in Greenock and Glasgow.

For more information about Hobo website development, see Greenock website development services.


SEO training course

Hobo Web offers UK-based SEO training services to companies all over the world.

Hobo SEO consultants have a long history of sharing SEO experience.

QUOTE: “For whatever reason, Hobo-web doesn’t usually get mentioned on such lists, which is a shame. It’s almost certainly one of the best single-author SEO blogs out there. Shaun’s posts are few and far between but when he does publish something, you can bet it’s worth reading. His posts regularly pass the 5K word mark, and although word count isn’t everything, they’re well-structured and a pleasure to read. He has 20 years experience in online marketing and it shows.Ahrefs 2018

For more information, go to the Hobo Web SEO blog.

QUOTE: “Shaun Anderson has a great amount of respect in UK’s SEO community. He is regarded as one of the top SEO experts in the field. He is currently the “Director of SEO and Marketing” at Hobo Web, which is one of the best SEO companies in both UK and Scotland.” Testimonials

You can learn more about SEO (search engine optimisation) by reading Hobo Web SEO tutorials or by joining the free SEO course.

Here are some recent articles from the Hobo SEO blog:



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