Free SEO checklist template in Google Sheets


If you are a website owner or website development manager looking for a free SEO checklist template, look no further.

Hobo’s Free SEO Checklist template is a collection of online spreadsheets to help you manage your SEO project from both a site-wide level and a page-level perspective. There is a Public (free) and Premium (paid) version.

Altogether, the tabs in the Free SEO checklist map out an SEO project in a manner that leaves no critical element overlooked.

The author has audited thousands of websites over 20 years as a practising, professional SEO.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and you go to “File > Make a copy”.

The free SEO checklist contains:

  • A technical SEO audit checklist.
  • User Experience checklist.
  • Website Quality checklist.
  • Main Content Quality Checklist.
  • Page Level SEO checklist.
  • Local SEO checklist.
  • Links on your site checklist.
  • Keyword research checklist.
  • Competitor research checklist.
  • Spam checklist.
  • Google Webmaster guidelines.
  • SEO starter guide.

Subscribers can also download a free Microsoft Excel version of the checklist.

If you ignore Google guidelines, you are demoted in Google search. You do not recover past traffic levels until you address these quality issues on your site. Do not introduce quality issues listed in the checklists to your site.

By completing a multi-point check of a site like this, you can often produce a checklist of items Google is probably demoting you for. This series of checklists take you through the steps you need to do to identify website issues and maximise the performance of your website in Google.

Technical SEO checklist template

Free Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO is often a great place to start with SEO on a real website. For larger more complex websites, it is the first.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

You can use the free technical SEO audit checklist to check your own website against Google’s technical Webmaster Guidelines.

You can read more about the technical SEO audit checklist.

SEO starter guide checklist

Hobo SEO Tutorial for beginners

If you are a student of SEO, you can learn SEO using the free SEO starter guide included in the free checklist. You can use this starter guide to confidently SEO your site, no matter how big or small it is.

Read more about the starter guide in this SEO tutorial or you can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Sitewide on-page SEO checklist

On page SEO checklist

Every page on your website and every element on each page needs optimised lightly to maximise the potential of your website content. You can use this fee on-page SEO checklist to check your own web pages that meet Google guidelines.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Website quality rater checklist

Website Quality checklist

Website quality as Google defines it in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines is a critical element of successful SEO.

You can use this free website quality checklist to rate your website exactly the same as a Google Quality Rater does.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Content quality checklist

Main Content (MC) quality checklist

Website content quality is yet another critical area of SEO.

You can use the free content quality checklist to check your website meets Google’s quality standards for the content you publish on your website.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Keyword research for beginners checklist

Keyword research checklist

Review the performance of your website in search using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other third-party tools using this free keyword research checklist.

You can access the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Task manager system

Who’s doing what? SEO often fails because of poor communication. This free tool combines your SEO checklist and web developer task list into one system to help get the work done. See the “Your SEO Tasks” tab for your initial SEO tasks.

You can make your own fully-functional copy of the Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager. It’s a free Google sheet you own to manage your SEO, with no ongoing costs. This system is a beta function.

Here is the tweet that launched the free SEO checklist launch on Twitter:

Hobo Premium SEO checklist

A premium version of the free Google spreadsheet is available. The premium version of this sheet unlocks all included spreadsheets and checklists and is updated frequently. You can review the 1500+ point premium version of the spreadsheet here.

As a subscriber to Hobo Premium SEO, you receive continual and frequent updates of the premium version of this sheet and limited support with your SEO project via email.

You can also check out Hobo SF for Google Sheets if you manage SEO audits using Screaming Frog.

Using an SEO checklist FAQ

What is an SEO checklist?

An SEO checklist is a tool used to ensure that your website is optimised for search engines and follows best practices for on-page and off-page SEO. It typically includes a list of tasks, such as keyword research, meta tag optimisation, and link building, that should be completed to improve your website’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Why should I use an SEO checklist?

Using an SEO checklist can help ensure that you do not overlook any important tasks or best practices when optimising your website for search engines. A checklist can also help you stay organised and focused, and provide a framework for measuring your progress and success in improving your website’s search engine rankings.

What are some common tasks included in an SEO checklist?

Common tasks included in an SEO checklist may include:

  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Optimising meta tags, such as title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Improving website speed and performance.
  • Creating high-quality, optimised content.
  • Building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites.
  • Optimising for local search, if applicable.
  • Keyword research and analysis.

How can using an SEO checklist benefit my website?

Using an SEO checklist can help ensure that your website is optimised for search engines and is more likely to appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)..

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