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The Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager is a collection of online spreadsheets to help you manage your SEO project from both a site-wide level and a page-level perspective. Altogether, the tabs in the sheet map out an SEO project in a manner that leaves no critical element overlooked.

You can access the Google spreadsheet here and in Google sheets, you can go to “File > Make a copy”.

Free Technical SEO Checklist

It is a 1000+ point reference of Google’s own recommendations on how to rank your site on Google. If you ignore these rules, you WILL get demoted in core algorithm updates in future. You will NOT recover past traffic levels until you address these quality issues on your site, and you certainly do not want to introduce any of these website quality issues to your site in future.

By completing a 1000+ point CHECK of any site, you can produce a quality checklist of items Google is probably demoting you for. This series of checklists take you through the steps you need to do to identify website issues and maximise your website potential.

You can purchase the premium version of the spreadsheet hereAs an early adopter, you will receive ** lifetime updates ** of the premium version of this sheet. Please note I need to authorise the share, so expect access to your premium sheet within 24 hours.


The FREE Hobo SEO Audit Checklists

I’ve audited thousands of websites over 20 years as a professional SEO.

Here is what you need to understand about SEO in 2022 & a free tool to help you manage your SEO projects and also learn about SEO.

  1. Technical SEO is often a great place to start with SEO on a real website. You can use this free Technical SEO Checklist to check your own website against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  2. A good user experience as judged by Google is critical to top rankings. You can use this User Experience Checklist to get started.
  3. Website Quality as Google defines it is a critical element of successful SEO. You can use this Website Quality Checklist to manage your SEO project.
  4. Website content quality is yet another critical area of SEO. You can use this Website Content Quality Checklist to check your website meets Google’s quality standards.
  5. Every page on your website, and every element on each page needs optimised lightly to maximise the potential of your web content. You can use this Free On-Page SEO Checklist to check your own web pages meet Google guidelines.
  6. Local SEO is often critical to small businesses. You can use this Local SEO checklist to check off some basic local SEO.
  7. Who’s doing what? SEO often fails because of poor communication. This free tool combines your SEO checklist and web developer task list into one system to help get the work done. See the “Your SEO Tasks” tab for your initial SEO tasks.
  8. You can make your own fully-functional copy of the Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager. It’s a free Google sheet you own to manage your SEO, with no ongoing costs.


The PREMIUM SEO Checklists

When you purchase a premium version you get lifetime updates to it.

The premium version of this sheet unlocks all included spreadsheets and checklists.

These include:

  1. The quality of your website copywriting determines which keywords you rank on Google for. You can use this 150 point SEO Copywriting Checklist to examine your copywriting quality against Google’s own recommendations.
  2. Featured snippet optimisation is a sure-fire way for you to leapfrog your competitors who rank above you. You can use this Featured Snippet Checklist to optimise your own pages.
  3. If you run an eCommerce store, you will need to know Google’s rules for eCommerce stores. You can use this Ecommerce SEO Checklist to check your own site and gain better rankings.
  4. If you have an international website, you can use this International SEO Checklist to check your website meets Google’s guidelines.
  5. If you are planning a website migration you can use the SEO Migration Checklist to check everything is correct and in line with Google’s Webmaster Recommendations.


Pro SEO Audit

Pro SEO Audit

Get A Pro Hobo SEO Audit of your website completed by my team. See costs here –


Pro SEO Consultation; Video Meetings

You can book online meetings with your SEO auditor to review any aspect of your SEO campaign. Book a 60-minute video meeting and talk to your SEO within a working day or two.

Good luck with your search engine optimisation.