Follow Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines (Google & Bing)

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The most popular search engines in the world like Google and Bing have webmaster guidelines for us to follow. If you do not follow these recommendations, you will not rank high for long in any of their free listings.


Google webmaster guidelines

QUOTE: “Basically, we figured that site is trying to game our systems, and unfortunately, successfully. So we will adjust the rank. We will push the site back just to make sure that it’s not working anymore.” Gary Illyes, Google 2016

Google insists webmasters adhere to their ‘rules’ and aims to reward sites with high-quality content and remarkable ‘white hat’ web marketing techniques with high rankings.

Conversely, it also needs to filter or penalise websites that manage to rank in Google by breaking these rules.

Google Webmaster Guidelines are not ‘laws’, but ‘guidelines’, for ranking in Google; lay down by Google. Note that some methods of ranking in Google are, in fact, illegal.

Hacking websites, for instance, is illegal in the UK and US.

You can choose to follow and abide by these rules, bend them or ignore them – all with different levels of success (and levels of retribution, from Google’s webspam team).

A White hat SEO follows Google recommendations whereas a black hat SEO ignores them.

Hobo has collected a list of the most important official Google Webmaster Guidelines and recommendations.

If you want to rank high in Google, you need to follow the webmaster guidelines.

1 How To Add Product Structured Data Last updated 2021-10-05 UTC.
2 Include structured data relevant to ecommerce Last updated 2021-10-05 UTC.
3 Large site owner’s guide to managing your crawl budget Last updated 2021-10-05 UTC.
4 Automated queries  Last updated 2021-10-05 UTC.
5 Sitelinks Last updated 2021-10-01 UTC.
6 Keep a simple URL structure Last updated 2021-10-01 UTC.
7 Add Structured Data To Your How-To Pages Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
8 Learn About Google Event Schema Markup Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
9 Math Solvers Structured Data Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
10 Software Application Schema Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
11 COVID-19 Announcements Structured Data Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
12 Learn About Job Posting Schema Markup Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
13 Practice Problems Structured Data Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
14 Employer Rating Structured Data Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
15 Home Activities and Structured Data Last updated 2021-09-28 UTC.
16 Designing a URL structure for ecommerce sites Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
17 Where ecommerce content can appear on Google Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
18 Best practices for ecommerce in Google Search Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
19 Pagination, incremental page loading, and their impact on Google Search Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
20 Help Google understand your ecommerce site structure Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
21 How to launch a new ecommerce website Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
22 Share your product data with Google Last updated 2021-09-27 UTC.
23 Robots Meta Tags Specifications Last updated 2021-09-24 UTC.
24 Learn About Article Schema Markup Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
25 Ask Google to Recrawl Your Website Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
26 Robots.txt Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
27 Fix Search-Related JavaScript Problems Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
28 HTTP Status Codes, Network and DNS Errors, and Google Search Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
29 Google Images Search Operators Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
30 Overview of Google Search Operators Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
31 The Cache: Search Operator  Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
32 Remove pages on your site from Google Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
33 How To Use the Site Search Operator Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
34 How To Add Breadcrumb Markup Last updated 2021-09-21 UTC.
35 Dataset  Last updated 2021-09-20 UTC.
36 Thin content  Last updated 2021-09-14 UTC.
37 What Is a Sitemap  Last updated 2021-09-14 UTC.
38 How To Prevent Comment Spam Last updated 2021-09-14 UTC.
39 Webmaster Guidelines  Last updated 2021-09-14 UTC.
40 Quick Guide to SEO  Last updated 2021-09-13 UTC.
41 Qualify Outbound Links for SEO Last updated 2021-09-13 UTC.
42 How to Get Information on Google Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
43 The Basics: How Google Search Works Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
44 Meta & Inline Tags that Google Understands Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
45 Create a Google News Sitemap Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
46 Top Places List Optimization Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
47 Doorway Pages  Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
48 How to Write Titles & Meta Descriptions Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
49 Google Crawler (User Agent) Overview Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
50 Control the Content You Share on Search Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
51 Define Website Favicon for Search Results Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
52 Scraped Content  Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
53 Submit Updated Robots.txt to Google Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
54 Tags for Localized Versions of Your Site Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
55 Health & Government Site COVID Best Practices Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
56 Google Read Aloud User Agent Last updated 2021-09-09 UTC.
57 Video Sitemaps and Examples Last updated 2021-09-07 UTC.
58 Hide & Remove Images from Google Search Last updated 2021-09-02 UTC.
59 Get on Discover  Last updated 2021-09-01 UTC.
60 Enable Web Stories on Google Last updated 2021-08-28 UTC.
61 Create Crawlable Links  Last updated 2021-08-26 UTC.
62 Build & Submit a Sitemap Last updated 2021-08-24 UTC.
63 Automatically generated content  Last updated 2021-08-23 UTC.
64 Understanding Google Page Experience Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
65 Change Page URLS with Redirects Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
66 Site Moves & Migrations Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
67 How To Secure Your Site with HTTPS Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
68 Understand How Structured Data Works Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
69 Consolidate Duplicate URLs with Canonicals Last updated 2021-08-19 UTC.
70 Video Best Practices  Last updated 2021-08-16 UTC.
71 Get videos on Google with schema markup Last updated 2021-08-16 UTC.
72 SEO Starter Guide: The Basics Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
73 Advanced SEO Techniques & Strategies Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
74 Google Search Appearance  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
75 Carousel Search Results  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
76 Mark Up FAQs with Structured Data Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
77 Logo Schema Markup  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
78 Best practices for education sites in Google Search Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
79 Robots.txt Introduction & Guide Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
80 How AMP Looks in Google Search Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
81 Understand JavaScript SEO Basics Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
82 Use Schema for Course Carousel Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
83 Speakable (BETA) Schema Markup Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
84 Temporarily Pause Or Disable Website Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
85 Schema for Q&A Pages  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
86 Enhance AMP Content for Google Search Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
87 Recipe Schema Markup  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
88 Mark Up Movies with Structured Data Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
89 Generate Structured Data with JavaScript Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
90 Google Images SEO Best Practices  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
91 Fact Check Markup for Search  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
92 Book Schema for Google Search Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
93 Enable Search result features for your site Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
94 Add Business Details to Google Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
95 Local Business Structured Data Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
96 Enriched & Interactive Search Results Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
97 Structured Data for Job Training (BETA) Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
98 Subscription & Paywalled Content Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
99 SEO for Estimated Salary Data Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
100 Google Images SEO: License Metadata Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
101 Explore the Search Gallery & Rich Results Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
102 COVID-19 Website Tips & Resources Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
103 Flexible Sampling Guidelines Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
104 Best Practices for Creating Web Stories Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
105 Add Publication Date to Google Search Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
106 Sitelinks Search Box  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
107 General Structured Data Guidelines Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
108 Review Snippet  Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
109 SEO Guide for Web Developers Last updated 2021-08-10 UTC.
110 Malware & Unwanted Software Overview Last updated 2021-08-09 UTC.
111 Image Rights Metadata in Google Images Last updated 2021-07-30 UTC.
112 Featured Snippets and Your Website Last updated 2021-07-30 UTC.
113 Get started with signed exchanges on Google Search Last updated 2021-07-28 UTC.
114 What is an SEO expert?  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
115 How Google Search Works for Beginners Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
116 Advanced Search Console Guide Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
117 What is Robots.txt?  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
118 Google Feedfetcher  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
119 APIs-Google User Agent  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
120 Guidelines for AMP on Google Search Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
121 Block Search Indexing with ‘noindex’ Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
122 Fix Lazy-Loaded Website Content Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
123 Paid links  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
124 Create and submit a robots.txt file Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
125 Move a Website and Change URL Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
126 Announce Mobile Billing Charges Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
127 Multi-Regional and Multilingual Sites Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
128 Browser Compatibility Testing Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
129 Advanced Guide to How Google Search Works Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
130 How Google crawls locale-adaptive pages Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
131 Keep redacted information out of Google Search Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
132 Website Testing Best Practices for Search Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
133 Dynamic Rendering  Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
134 Social engineering (phishing and deceptive sites) Last updated 2021-07-27 UTC.
135 How To Use Search Console  Last updated 2021-07-26 UTC.
136 Mobile Recharge Early Adopters Program Last updated 2021-07-26 UTC.
137 Package Tracking on Google  Last updated 2021-07-26 UTC.
138 Overview of SEO Guidelines  Last updated 2021-07-16 UTC.
139 Soft 404 errors  Last updated 2021-07-15 UTC.
140 Google Crawling and Indexing Last updated 2021-07-12 UTC.
141 Remove your AMP pages from Google Search Last updated 2021-07-07 UTC.
142 Introduction to Indexing  Last updated 2021-07-07 UTC.
143 Mobile Optimization Topics  Last updated 2021-07-07 UTC.
144 Validate AMP Pages  Last updated 2021-07-07 UTC.
145 Reduce Googlebot Crawl Rate Last updated 2021-07-07 UTC.
146 Web Light: Faster & Lighter Results Last updated 2021-07-06 UTC.
147 How To Prevent Malware Infection Last updated 2021-06-25 UTC.
148 Manage Large Or Multiple Sitemaps Last updated 2021-06-23 UTC.
149 How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website Last updated 2021-06-14 UTC.
150 Report Spam, Malware, or Paid Links Last updated 2021-06-02 UTC.
151 Googlebot Verification  Last updated 2021-05-27 UTC.
152 User-Generated Spam  Last updated 2021-05-17 UTC.
153 Image Sitemaps  Last updated 2021-05-17 UTC.
154 Affiliate Programs  Last updated 2021-05-13 UTC.
155 Free web hosters  Last updated 2021-05-12 UTC.
156 Beginners Guide to SEO  Last updated 2021-04-29 UTC.
157 Link Schemes  Last updated 2021-04-22 UTC.
158 Multilingual & International Site Topics Last updated 2021-04-21 UTC.
159 Google Safe Browsing Repeat Offenders Policy Last updated 2021-04-14 UTC.
160 Ad network support for Web Light pages in Google Search Last updated 2021-04-14 UTC.
161 Cloaking  Last updated 2021-03-30 UTC.
162 Google Web Story Content Policies Last updated 2021-03-03 UTC.
163 Duplex on the Web  Last updated 2021-02-25 UTC.
164 Web Security Topics  Last updated 2021-02-24 UTC.
165 Sneaky Redirects  Last updated 2021-02-24 UTC.
166 Mobile Viewing on Feature Phones Last updated 2021-02-16 UTC.
167 Avoid Duplicate Content  Last updated 2021-02-16 UTC.
168 Rich Media File Best Practices Last updated 2021-02-16 UTC.
169 Optimize Your Website for Search Engines Last updated 2021-02-09 UTC.
170 Bloggers  Last updated 2021-02-09 UTC.
171 SEO Implications: Hidden Text and Links Last updated 2021-02-09 UTC.
172 What is hacking or hacked content? Last updated 2021-02-04 UTC.
173 Transfer Site Hosting Without URL Changes Last updated 2021-02-03 UTC.
174 What Is Googlebot  Last updated 2021-01-15 UTC.
175 Malicious Websites and Links Last updated 2021-01-14 UTC.
176 Tag Website for Child-Directed Treatment Last updated 2021-01-14 UTC.
177 Irrelevant Keywords & Keyword Stuffing Last updated 2021-01-14 UTC.
178 Make sure Googlebot is not blocked Last updated 2021-01-12 UTC.
179 Measure Your SEO Performance Checking…

Bing search engine webmaster guidelines

Bing requirements are very similar to Google’s.

Bing powers Yahoo too.

QUOTE: “Following these guidelines will help your site be indexed by Bing and will help you optimize your site to increase its opportunity to rank for relevant queries in Bing’s search results.” Bing Webmaster Guidelines, 2020