E-E-A-T checklist for SEO


E.E.A.T. SEO checklist

This is a 300+ point in-depth E.E.A.T. SEO checklist for website managers and in-house or outsourced website developers or designers to review your website to ensure it meets Google Search Quality Evaluator (QRG) ratings.

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This professional-level checklist goes beyond the standard “build a high-quality website” or “read the evaluator guidelines” SEO advice.

It includes step-by-step recommendations from Google itself on how to improve your website from a quality point of view to improve traffic numbers from Google Search.

This paid-for website quality spreadsheet helps you comply with Google’s human quality rater documents, improve rankings for pages on your website and rank your website optimally for enhancements in Google Search. To achieve this you need to meet standards on E.E.A.T. (Experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness). E.E.A.T. was formerly labeled E.A.T. or EEAT or E-E-A-T but Google recently added an E for Experience, no doubt to combat AI-created content as AI cannot demonstrate experience.

The E.E.A.T. SEO checklist includes best practices for:

  • Establishing E.E.A.T. for credibility.
  • Creating high-quality content.
  • Satisfying user needs and intent.
  • Avoiding thin or duplicate content.
  • Focusing on page quality.
  • Evaluating website reputation.
  • Defining the clear purpose of the content.
  • Optimising for mobile-friendliness.
  • Prioritising user experience (UX).

The E.E.A.T. checklist is included as part of the Hobo SEO Premium SEO checklist, the free version you may have seen here.


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Google E.E.A.T. FAQ


What are the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?

The Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines provide insights into what Google considers to be high-quality web content, and how it evaluates the EEAT: 1. experience 2. expertise, 3. authority, and 4. trustworthiness of content on websites.


Why should I review my site with the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?

Review your site with the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to help improve the quality of your content, user experience, and search engine visibility.


How can I review my site with the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?

Review the guidelines thoroughly and make improvements to your site’s content, user experience, information architecture, internal linking, and on-page optimization based on Google’s expectations for high-quality web content.


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