SEO checklist in Excel


SEO checklist in Microsoft excel spreadsheet

If you are a website owner or website development manager looking for a free SEO checklist in Excel, look no further. The SEO Checklist in Excel is an Excel spreadsheet to help you manage your SEO (search engine optimisation) project from both a site-wide level and a page-level perspective.

Altogether, the tabs in the SEO Checklist in Excel map out an SEO project in a manner that leaves no critical element overlooked.

You can download the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and get free SEO training using the spreadsheet when you subscribe to Hobo SEO Tips.

Check out the Premium version of the checklist in the following video:

You can use the SEO checklist in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage your SEO project from start to finish.

The author has audited thousands of websites over 20 years as a practising, professional SEO.

The SEO checklist in Excel contains a:

  • Technical SEO audit checklist
  • SEO starter guide checklist
  • eCommerce audit SEO checklist
  • Site quality audit checklist
  • Site content quality checklist
  • Sitewide on-page SEO checklist
  • Keyword research checklist
  • Content quality checklist

You can also view the free SEO checklist in Google sheets.



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