Free SEO course for beginners

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If you are a webmaster or website owner looking to learn more about SEO (search engine optimisation), sign up for Hobo’s free SEO training course here.

In this free SEO course for beginners and professionals alike, you are told exactly what you need to focus on to improve your Google traffic through SEO best practices.

Course classes

  • Part 1 – Useful tools for your SEO project
  • Part 2 – Audit your Content Quality
  • Part 3 – Audit your Ad & User Experience
  • Part 4 – Audit your Core Web Vitals
  • Part 5 – Audit your Search Console data
  • Part 6 – Audit your Crawling Data
  • Part 7 – Review your Keyword Research
  • Part 8 – Review your Backlinks
  • Part 9 – Hobo SEO Tips

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You can join the free course here.