On-Page SEO Checklist in Google Sheets with OpenAi (ChatGpt ) integration


NOTE: This is beta feature, currently discontinued in the Premium SEO Checklist. I may bring it back, but at the moment, Ai just can’t do this type of SEO audit. I’ve 20 years experience in SEO.


This version of Premium SEO Checklist in Google Sheets with OpenAi (the emerging technology behind ChatGpt) integration is now configured with some automation to save you time analysing pages. This Key Page checklist is a tool for you to quickly analyse any web page to guidelines Google has set out for webmasters to follow.

The spreadsheet achieves this in a few ways:

  1. You add a URL and your target keywords
  2. Google Sheets formulas then import web page content (beta)
  3. Google Sheets formulas then check if simple items are true or false (eg is a title tag is too long) that autocomplete that particular check for you (beta)
  4. Open Ai formulas and scripts to check keyword status and grammar (in this example) on a page and then
  5. The Google sheet automatically registers the result in the checklist, so marketing that item completed (beta)
  6. Open Ai API integration (sign up at OpenAi)  (beta)

Google Sheets itself can do a lot of checks if it can import the content using the correct Google sheet formulas. I have started to test the limits of both Google Sheets and OpenAi.

Be extremely careful to use this feature only as a guide. See my article on ChatGpt SEO.

This version of the premium checklist more importantly heralds the integration of various APIs I am connecting to the premium sheet to save you time checking particular items on the checklist. The first of those is ChatGPT.

This functionality is just one aspect of the checklist. It is designed for developers and SEO like myself to help make SEO analysis and recording of checks and priorities a little easier. API integration at the moment is really for those like myself who understand the limits of Google Sheets for example. This is not a complete tool that will work without (a relatively simple, mind you) configuration to a few Google sheets formulas in the sheet to suit your web pages HTML. As the API gets better aspects of the checklist tool which use it will get better, which I am excited about.

You can see the functionality in action on the video on this page.

Disclaimer: “ChatGPT is an amazing new tool launched last month but it’s not perfect. This does not replace a professional. When it’s wrong, it’s convincingly wrong, when used like this. It is amazing but do note the ChatGpt integration is for the real nerds like me in my subscribers who want to push the boundaries of this new AI driven technology. Recommendations would be to disclose any important information generated by the sheet is infact generated using AI. When it’s correct, it is a terrific time saving tool to help you check, for instance thundreds of grammar checks you didn’t even know mattered or even understood. It will be really exciting to see what the next version of OPenAi and Chatgpt API can do.” Shaun Anderson, Hobo

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