7 Tips To Improve Google Rankings For Start Ups

Jeff Quip - Search Engine People

I asked Jeff Quipp if he’d give me 7 tips that a small business or start-up could employ quickly to improve search engine rankings:

It can be difficult sometimes as a business owner, separating the wheat from the chaff, and knowing what is a real opportunity and what is not. SEO is often posed as one of these predicaments for many business owners. So, how is a small business person with a limited budget realistically supposed to experience the benefits of SEO. Sure, some jump in with both feet, but others are obviously much more skeptical. For those of you more skeptical in nature and/or without a dedicated budget, I propose a compromise.

Below, I’ve listed 7 reasonably simple changes that you as a start up or business owner should be able to have made for under £100. Sure it will involve a few hours of sweat equity on your part, but you should at least get a taste of the potential. In most cases, it will be just a taste … but should be enough to remove some of the skepticism. Experienced SEOs will then be able to further improve your results dramatically, and you’ll be wiser knowing the very basics of the process.

Here are the tips:


  1. Keyword Selection Determine what keywords you wish to target. Research keywords used and rough search volumes using the Google Keyword Tool. Don’t expect to be able to compete with the big boys in the space … you do not have the SEO knowledge or or the budget. Instead look for keyword opportunities … reasonable (not large) search volumes, and minimal competition (# of search results found for the term in “quotes”). Create a prioritised list.
  2. Web Host IP Location – Make certain your website is hosted on an ip that is associated with the primary country you’re targeting. Here is a quick an easy tool to help you assess - IP Address to Country of Origin Lookup e.g. www.hobo-web.co.uk. If you’re primary target market is Canada, then your ip would ideally resolve to Canada also.
  3. Title TagsCreate titles for your pages (ie. to be included in the underlying source code … eg. Red Steel Widgets – Immediate Delivery Available) that include the keyword(s) you wish to target with that page, and are descriptive yet enticing. Keep in mind, every page is an opportunity to target a different keyword in the search results, and the more competitive terms should be targeted by pages closer (in terms of clicks) to the homepage. Begin with the main page of the site, and 4-6 others. If you cannot implement this yourself, give it to your webmaster to do.
  4. Content Headings – Give readers signs about the content to follow with Headings (embedded in ‘h’ tags in the source code if explaining to your webmaster). Fortunately, headings are also quick and easy to add, and when they contain the keywords being targeted by the page, they help improve page rankings too. They’re an all around win-win. Again, create heading for the 6 or 7 pages you’ve created titles for, and give the task to your webmaster to implement. The titles and headers should take an experienced webmaster less than an hour to implement.
  5. Build linksLinks from other sites (ie. votes of confidence) are an important component of the ranking algorithms of most search engines. While full out link building requires a tremendous amount of expertise, there are some quick and easy wins that company owners can realize that will help improve their rankings. 1. Ask suppliers and contractors to link to your site 2. Ask municipal governments and other local companies and support agencies to link to your site 3. Ask those who agree to link to your site to also use the keywords you’re targeting with your main page eg. Widget Depot – London Steel Widget Manufacturer
  6. Add Content – having unique and valuable content on your site is key. Prepare such unique content for each and every keyword phrase you are targeting (similar keyword phrases should be targeted by the same page eg. Red Steel Widgets and Steel Widgets). This content can not only be used to help you differentiate yourself from competitors, but also in establishing your company as an authority in the space. Really unique and valuable content tends to get linked to often … which ultimately improves rankings.
  7. If your business is local in nature … be sure to submit your business information to Google Local and Yahoo Local … using the term you want to target with the main page in the business name if possible. Often, this information itself will rank in the search results.


Following these tips isn’t likely to fundamentally change your business, but you should experience some positive change. With this knowledge now securely in hand, you are less likely to be tentative about trialling a more extensive search campaign. What are you waiting for – perform a trial with minimal risk.

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25 Responses

  1. Shaun says:

    Thanks for a great post Jeff! :)

  2. Gregor says:

    Good stuff here. This is what all website owners should be doing if they want to attract any business to their site. Nicely explained.

  3. marty says:

    very informative submission there Jeff. fantastic resource for anyone wanting to push there business forward using SEO…

  4. Todd Mintz says:

    Good post, though I find it odd that a Canadian is writing an article about how to save “Pounds” when your currency is “Dollars” :.)

  5. Jeff Quipp says:

    @ Shaun … thank you! Its always fun posting on a friend’s site. @ Gregor … agreed. Too many business look at it like a big black box, and don’t realize all it takes is effort, and a little reading. Success however will be almost fully defined by the amount of effort you can invest. @ Marty … thank you! @ Todd … you know the saying “when in Rome …”

  6. DavidMTL says:

    This list serves as a nice refresher. I just stumbled it.

  7. Ayush Kumar says:

    Yup Jeff is right. One of the most important factor in seo is your title, h1-h5, url, content & incoming link.

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks for the list. Submitting to free business directories / internet Yellow Pages sites is another fairly quick way to get some links. I mean the reputable ones, not the link farms! In the UK there’s BT Tradespace, Yell, Scoot, Brownbook, Bizwiki…. etc. Cheers, Jon

  9. Singapore SEO says:

    Most of the techniques above does not necessarily require money in order to get it done except maybe link building which will cause you some dollars to get it submitted in some smaller directories. nevertheless, it was a great post. I have always been reading Jeff posts back at searchenginepeople blog and they are great. – Rif Chia

  10. PR Project says:

    Yea its useful post, thanks.

  11. MacTeP says:

    Great post Jeff. This post can be very helpful to begginers at internet bussines.

  12. Sven says:

    Thanks for a great submission :)

  13. Jaan Kanellis says:

    Adding link and content is not simple at all for anyone out there. Not sure why those would be on someone list of simple SEO changes.

  14. Discount Airline Tic says:

    Great info for webmasters .thanks for sharing

  15. London Restaurants says:

    Hi, Thank you jeff for sharing this valuable ideas about SEO.you have wrote a good process for content headlines.Really a good post. Regards Gopal

  16. Bar Marketing says:

    Hello, I am really very interested to read your project.Your mentioned tips are well informative and working.. Thanks Michale

  17. Atti - Green Forest says:

    Excellent summary, thanks Jeff

  18. CHAINSAW says:

    It’s a great article & 7 tips are too good for how to improving Search Ranking . Nice to read.

  19. Seo blog says:

    Very interested this post. I added to my favorites. Regards

  20. BigSky says:

    Great post! Sound advice. Don’t forget that article marketing is still effective and cheap too. I use for building links and visitors to my sites frequently.

  21. sean says:

    #5 is by far the best and most popular way to promote a website. By gaining backlinks your site becomes more popular and google see’s this as a plus. So by gaining backlinks you impress google and your site gains more traffic from it.

  22. James Harrison says:

    #6 will ALWAYS be #1

  23. Agnus says:

    Great post.

  24. wigwam advertising a says:

    Another informative article, as always. I’ve started to circulate this site to a number of people in other advertising agencies so they too can get a more indepth undrstanding of on-line marketing.

  25. Kristr says:

    It’s really a very useful post. I liked it and will be following it.

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