Which Is Better For Google? PHP, HTML or ASP?

Google hates everything Microsoft does so avoid ASP lol :)

Google doesn’t care. As long as it renders as a browser compatitible document, it appears Google can read it these days.

I prefer php these days even with flat documents as it is easir to add server side code to that document if I want to add some sort of function to the site.

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9 Responses

  1. Marius says:

    I prefer html for small websites and PHP only if I need to, like more complex websites.

  2. Yossarian says:

    Thats a little bit mean on poor old ASP. I quite like ASP really, but that is just the language I was taught at Uni. The main dissadvantage I find with it is that a lot/most people use shared servers. If you are using ASP on a shared host then you are kinda screwed when it comes to URL re-writes as most hosts don’t have the isapi re-write module installed. Also with windows hosts it is very rare that a shared host will allow you to run scheduled jobs, while PHP/Apache you have cron jobs. I need to pull my finger out and learn PHP!

  3. Shaun says:

    I was just playing about. I see this type of question in the forums all the time. :)

  4. Jim Gaudet says:

    Yeah, and most hosting sites charge more money for an ASP/SQL package over the PHP/MySQL. ~ Jim

  5. Andrew Burnett says:

    I could be completely wrong on this (and if I am please don’t hesitate bring boiling oil raining down the ramparts) but ultimately the only difference (from a browser’s or spider’s perspective) between the different technologies is the file extension… Whichever one you choose it outputs html for the browser to render. Personally php running on Apache is the best fit as the .htaccess file lets you control canonicalisation and other URL rewrites.

  6. Ayush Kumar says:

    I like html pages. Most of the times my html pages got good rank in google. Aviod to use aspx pages (asp.net).

  7. Accident Claims says:

    I prefer PHP pages

  8. dev says:

    In its simplest terms, a server sends HTML text to a client. Google or a browser or anything else for that matter, couldn’t care less how that text is generated so PHP, ASP, NET etc should make no difference to SEO. Why would you avoid aspx? You could change a mapping on the server and rename .aspx files to .asp or .php and the server would still send the same text via HTTP. If there were some kind of aspx filter as alluded to above it could be bypassed easily so I don’t believe that’s true.

  9. Web Developer - Abir says:

    I prefer to use PHP

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