Add PageEar PagePeel Banner To WordPress Blog

I hate unexpected pop-up windows. So recently when a client wanted some sort of pop up on their site to highlight a product, after discussing options and my views, we decided to trial the free Pageear PagePeel Banner, a slick sort of pop up window plugin that opens when your visitor hovers over the ‘peel’ at the top right of this page, for instance.

NOTE – While it’s cool – I don’t use this plugin any more….

Installation Of Pageear Plugin

Pageear Plugin easy to install with few problems – and here are English instructions. First download the plugin, and upload it into your WordPress 2.5 plugins folder. Activate it. Then in the Admin > Plugins > Pageear-config (at the top of the page!) specify the configuration you want.

Our PageEar Configuration

Description Value
Mirror image (Mirror Image Your Advert) – Yes Or No
Fade in pageear if image completely loaded (off, 1=slow, 5=fast )
Movement speed of small pageear (1=fast, 4=slow )
Color of pagecorner in RGB (e.g. white=ffffff,black=000000)
URL to open on pageear click
Browser target (new) or self (self)
Opens pageear automaticly in x seconds
Seconds until pageear close after openOnLoad
Set direction of pageear in left or right top browser corner (lt: left | rt: right )
Small pageear image (jpg, 100×100 pixel)
Big pageear image (jpg, 500×500 pixel)
Resize images to correct width (100px and 500px)
I like the pageear and want to support it with a backlink

Yes, you’ll need to make two images, a small one, and a large one, with your advert. You can see we’re plugging the upcoming Edinburgh SEO Class in ours. :)

WordPress Template Modifications

To activate, you’ll need to insert the following in the <head>:


and you’ll also need to include the following in the body tag somewhere;

<script type="text/javascript">writeObjects();</script>

….. and that’s it. A page peel pop up banner for your wordpress theme, a corner ad, that is activated when a visitor hovers over the page peel – we thought we’d trial it for a while.

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9 Responses

  1. Andrew Girdwood says:

    Slightly off topic… but have you seen how well you rank in ? Well done. :)

  2. Shaun says:

    Hey Andrew not at all – thanks for the comment. Yeah I’d spotted it – it’s cool. We get between about 1 to 1.5 thousand visitors a day at the moment from organic which generates a few decent leads a day for us, which is what I really care about. I’d wager you have a little more to spend on advertising at Bigmouth than we do, so this non-paid traffic really helps us out :)

  3. Chris says:

    Pretty slick. I’ve seen that on other blogs, but didn’t realize it was a simple plugin. FYI, when I followed your instructions, I got a little messed up. I didn’t actually need to modify my template at all. The plugin actually does that on the fly. When I added the lines above to my template, the pluging tried adding all the banner graphics twice. Which kind of messed things up a bit. Once I removed my template changes, it worked like a charm. Thanks.

  4. Gavin Mitchell says:

    Cool plugin Shaun – certainly got my attention :)

  5. Josef says:

    Hello there! I have installed the plug-in , working , but the ad shows in the footer instead of the top right corner. When I putting the Modifications codes… am getting the ad in a few places in my template .. Any advice , any solution , any good man to help??? Thanks

  6. Nigel Howarth says:

    Fantastic! I’d found another plugin that did a similar, but that doesn’t work with MSIE. And like Chris, I didn’t have to edit anything in my template. Cheers,

  7. Nick says:

    I have used this plugin in the past but since upgrading to WordPress 2.6.3 the plugin won’t work. Any ideas on how to get it working again?

  8. Toy Hype says:

    Looks like this plugin has gone a bit crazy. Had to uninstall it as it was making my site slow. I think the site that the javascript references has closed….

  9. Shaun says:

    I’ve not had any problems with Pageear, maybe it’s a compatibility problem with a new version of wordpress?

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