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Stop the press! Got —- to —– keep —-up —–with —– the —- latest —— seo news…..

Today and probably every day’s news in the seo world…..

  • LATEST! Google’s transparent monthly changes (were they tell you something about how google works, but actually, don’t tell you anything)
  • BREAKING!! Google changes it’s logo….
  • Stop The press! Panda update – followed by how to recover from Panda [insert number] – expect Penguin [insert number] overload soon
  • White Hat Black Hat Greyhat ass hat craphat argument explodes and covers everybody in sh*t
  • Google caught “lying” about something. Google denies it. It was like that when they got there, apparently
  • Groundbreaking news with real insight to how ‘social’ affects Google search results is debunked  by the first comment because of a total lack of scientific merit
  • JUST FILMED – MC answering some basic question about [insert nonsense] nobody cares about any more
  • Webmasterworld members have lost some traffic run for the hills
  • Webmaster Tools has a new interface – woot! Oh — what’s that they have taken away? That’s not the useful part of it is it…..?
  • Best practice {insert html element or attribute]
  • Here’s a conference where you can go and learn about getting sold seo services – quotes include “man – this is the best conference I have ever been to” – source: conference organiser
  • Here’s somebody from Google say “we don’t hate SEO”…..
  • THANK the LORD! Google DOES NOT hate affiliates (unfortunately usually from a seo guru who have never actually tried to promote a 100% affiliate site on Google recently)
  • Here’s somebody saying is seo is dead…. and here’s a response…. and here’s a response to that… is safe to say that saying something is dead is in fact dead as a dodo as a marketing strategy….. what’s that? Update – Apparently marketing is dead now as well. #mainstreammeme
  • Google in “record fine” shock horror exclusive somewhere in the world
  • Spammers are the reason Google doesn’t deliver the best results and
  • Google is to blame for everything that is wrong in the world, according to spammers (define spammer: anybody who wants to rank higher for a keyword in Google, not using Google Adwords)
  • Here’s Google pushing it’s own properties in , em, Google….. here’s Bing realising all it needs to do to beat Google is  to clone 2008 Google and give Facebook 20% screen time.
  • Here’s our industry leaders talking about outing people again (when they are not trying to rebrand SEO
  • Google Forum alert! Google employee says your 5 page minisite with spun content and affiliate links is bollocks
  • Here’s some seo selling you tools to analyse your site for bad backlinks (as if you don’t know exactly where and when your bad links were placed in the first place) – sign up now – PAY NOTHING NOW! pay next month when you have forgot to cancel your subscription
  • Here’s 101 linkbuilding ideas you will never get around to doing (you probably only need to do one or two and lots of one and two….)
  • Here’s some big site buying links…
  • Here’s some big site selling links…
  • Here’s some Bing seo tips and tools nobody gives a sh*& about (not yet anyway)
  • Oh sweet lord Jesus……. that is a Pagerank update isn’t it…..

Kill me……

I wrote this a while ago but never shared it on the blog. Maybe I needed something to take my mind of it……. which is why I am not blogging regularly at the moment and have been focusing on work the last 6 months, and ignoring much of the discussions these days.

What you think? Is it just a jaded me or is a lot of the news and posts in seo a bit familiar week to week, month to month? Maybe I just read too much of it…. maybe I don’t read enough!

Anyways…. I got a lot more work done recently ignoring most of it.

PS – I will be updating the site shortly, and updating the free Hobo pdf for subscribers next month:

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