8437629This is the Hobo test page :)

AIM - What am I testing? I'm testing or not exactly which tags, attributes and elements the major search engines seem to pay attention to and count. Test it in an easy way that can be quickly checked accross multiple domains.

TEST SETUP - Place a keyword or Number in invisible elements and see if Google returns the page when requesting it.




  1. Meta Keywords - No
  2. Meta Description - No
  3. Acronym - No
  4. Link Title - No
  5. Comments - No
  6. Image File Name - No
  7. Noscript - Yes
  8. Alt Tag - Yes
  9. File Name - Yes

If you want to run this test yourself and we'll see if this is true accross many sites - just grab this page code and place it on your site. Add some original content to the page though.... Hobo