Gone From Google Cache: ‘These Terms Only Appear In Links Pointing To This Page’

I’m not sure when this happened but I dont see any mention of it anywhere.

After hiding the cached results link in the preview panel that now pops up in search results, it seems as though Google has now stopped telling us via the cached results:

these terms only appear in links pointing to this page

While this was always a pretty inaccurate statement for the cached pages to declare (as sometimes the keywords were not in links but from other sources – for instance, from a previous cached version of the page).

I always found this information in cached pages useful – when looking at backlink profiles to investigate weird ranking results – or ranking anomalies/false positives.

This feature of Google cache was also very useful when testing, for fun, some aspects of seo and link building, especially anchor text attribution. It was always useful to really investigate why a page ranked for a keyword, for instance, when the word was not on the actual page. You could often catch a glimpse of link building efforts that worked looking at this – which led to a few surprises, more often than not.

Now Google cache only tells us

These search terms are highlighted:


Yet another small window on determining how Google might ‘work,’ at a granular level, quietly goes away.

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4 Responses

  1. Stefen says:

    I don’t know for the rest, but I do see the cached link on all the searches I did.

    • Shaun Anderson says:

      Yes the CACHED link is still in the Google Preview – that’s not what I am talking about. :)

  2. Luke says:

    I noticed this had disappeared but thought it might be something to do with my settings (so many different SERPs now – logged in v logged out, local v global). As you say, sad to see another useful feature disappear, not just for SEO but for general internet research. I am also really missing realtime search. That was great. I’m curious as to why these features get dropped. My instinct is it’s because they don’t serve Google strategically, but I thought Google was all about providing useful tools.

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