Nightclub Chitchat – #Klout

(I actually wrote this post a while back and decided concentrating on work was better. My Klout score understandably has dropped like a stone but I can’t be bothered grabbing a new picture – if you don’t give a toss about Klout, I posted free seo audit puke yesterday if you missed it)….

Klout Score

I was in a nightclub (yes, at my age – it was xmas), and I was talking to someone and the conversation somehow got on to what Klout score someone had. Seriously. I also saw someone ask Danny Sullivan on Twitter if he would hire someone with a poor Klout score (paraphrasing). Seriously.

Klout has a nice design – and I see a few search marketers playing with it. I played about with it a few weeks ago. It’s kind of fun, kind of addictive.

The idea of measuring online authority or influence isn’t really that new a thing to online marketers – Google has been doing similar for years. Klout wants to be the standard for measuring this online influence – and a lot of marketers seem to love it (nothing to do with those perks they get signing you up of course).

But Klout score is flawed beyond all measure to take seriously… isn’t it?.

This blog + newsletter gets @100,000 visits a month and @18,000 subscribers – but I actually spend most of my time actually doing my work – you know, a job where influencing clicks on links is my day job  – but my Klout score – my level of online influence –  is comparable to somebody p*ssing about on Twitter or Google+ all day or even better – a bot lol ….and pretty easy to game Klout apparently :) *

Stop the press. Klout rewards you for sucking up to influencers. Or even better. SEO celebrities. Yes, who you know, matters. Who you hang out with matters. If you don’t know that – maybe playing with Klout CAN teach you something you clearly missed out on in primary school.

The first two comments on a recent Klout post says it all about the recent changes they made to make a very flawed system less flawed – and two conflicting views:



I mean – 138 people liked that first comment! Adults, apparently.

For me – the second comment in that thread is actually great advice!

Networking is important when you have decent stuff to share, and engaging people who can help you is important too, but stop wasting your time trying to be a Klout celebrity and do some work and you might learn a few things that will actually be useful.

Times are going to be tough in the next few years. I don’t think a high Klout score will help you that much.

If you are new to online marketingdon’t waste the little time you will have on increasing a pointless number. Any pointless number. And just get on with your work. If you are experienced and working your number on Klout…. hmmm, you obviously think differently from me.

Beginners to online marketing will need to know how to make a website accessible, popular and relevant and your Klout score isn’t going to help you much.

Lots of people are getting the Klout bug apparently (screenshot below). While they are wasting their time you can get ahead.

Best about it. Your Klout score will probably go up anyway if you actually do influence people in a positive manner. You might even get some Klout Perks (admittedly- that’s a neat idea of sorts for the team at Klout to make hay with – though I’ve never ever got a perk I would actually want).

Klout Traffic

What do you think about Klout? Addicted yet? :D

I can’t believe I wrote a post about Klout. I did need a break from that 25K line excel spreadsheet I am working on though… groan.

Back to work today as well, so expect the blog posts to slow down again from next week.

*(To be fair – I think they did tweak their scoring algorithms since I wrote this).

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3 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    Awesome post, Shaun. I don’t even have an account on Klout. Am I doing it wrong?

  2. Warren says:

    Some great points there. I totally agree with your position on those 2 comments. Also For a website such as klout to really work. there needs to be 2 kinds of sign-up. 1: you sign up to the website but do not gain klout score (yet). 2: Enough people recognise you are influential and you gain an account upgrade to gain klout score. Obviously the usual checks to stop spammers and ‘clicks’ dominating the system and obviously my idea is flawed but surely the simple sign up and begin becoming celebrity model is flawed in more ways.

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