Google The Truth Engine – 1 In 3 Children Believe So (Ofcom)

A UK OfCOM report discovered that 32% of 12- to 15-year-olds believed Google & other major search engines rank pages in the results by their “truthfulness”. In short, a truth engine. :)

While two-thirds of children aged 12-15 (66%) make some kind of check when visiting new websites, a sizeable minority (25%) do not tend to make any checks. Both of these measures are unchanged since 2007. One in five 12-15s who use search engines say they do not know how results are ordered (18%), and one in three thinks that the most truthful are shown first (32%). Ofcom

Magic. Here I thought it was about having an exact match web address and firing links from other websites at it.

Though when you think about it, that’s what Google WANTS to be. Google wants a user to believe the top ten results it provides out of millions of pages are THE most relevant 10 pages on the net about your query. Google needs users to trust IT so it needs sites IT TRUSTS to provide these results. For those not in the know it’s a pretty simple concept to understand about long term SEO.

Google determines results by analysing a websites content for relevance and testing backlinks to the website to identify trust and authority among websites. Once you get trusted or midly authorative, you can unlock that trust by pumping relevant content into Google to increase traffic and rank high in longer tail, less competitive searches related to your business.

That’s why getting a site as trusted as possible should be the main aim for a lot of online businesses and you do that by getting other trusted websites to link to your site.

It’s interesting to think how many kids think they DO KNOW how Google ranks pages if only 1 in 5 claim say they don’t know and how many of those have a good idea. :)

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Gaudet says:

    It’s Google, the answer machine… I saw a comic from a long time ago stating that there would be a machine that you asked a ? and it had the answer for you. And now it’s here, Google… :)

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