Hobo SEO Dashboard (Presale)


The expected launch day for the Hobo SEO Dashboard is June 2024.

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Presale members typically can expect 25-50% (50% for Very Early Birds) discounts, and then I do not discount any product after the Presale.


Hobo SEO Dashboard

If you manage a website, or many websites for many clients, reporting can be laborious, time-consuming and costly. If you are an experienced SEO or website manager, you will know this to be the case.

With SEO Dashboard in Google Sheets, you can make it easy, autonomous and at minimal ongoing costs.

The Dashboard is a private low-cost high-roi website performance monitoring, auditing, reporting and alert system for all your sites in Search Console – all in Google Sheets – and using your APIs – with no ongoing costs.

SEO Dashboard comes with

  1. Hobo SC (Search Console integration).
  2. Hobo SF (Screaming Frog Spider integration ).
  3. Hobo GA (Google Analytics integration).
  4. Hobo Premium SEO Checklist.

All are preinstalled and ready to run.


Hobo SC

This is the Search Console module.

With this, you have instant access to Search Console APIs for bespoke performance reporting.

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Hobo SF

This is the website crawl analysis module, using your own Screaming Frog data.

With this, we can easily monitor and track website technical priorities over time.

Ideal for website migrations and SEO audits.

Get the latest information on Hobo SF.

More to come, too.


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