20 Google Plus Brand Page Design Ideas From Google

It’s probably time to have a think about the design of your Google+ Brand page.

Here’s some design inspiration – 20 examples from the very people who should know what they are doing….Google.

Google on Google+

The design of your Google+ brand page is – it seems – limited to a banner style format – made up of a large box (perhaps for your logo), headline, strap line and 5 photos – which Google shows can really add a bit of colour to the page if used properly.


Google Students on Google+

Gmail on Google+


Google Brasil on Google+

Google+ Brand Page

Google Creative Sandbox

YouTube on Google+


Google for Non Profits on Google+

Google Politics And Elections on Google+


Google Science Fair on Google+


Google Photography on Google Plus


Google Chrome on Google+

Blogger on Google+

Google UK on Google+

Google Enterprise on Google+

Google Australia on Google+

Google Argentina on Google+

Google+ Your Business


Android on Google+

Google Maps on Google+

That might give you some design ideas for your Google+ Brand page.


It’s easy to create a brand page on Google+ for your business, company, or products.

This is what you start with, of course….

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2 Responses

  1. FirstPageOf-Google says:

    It looks like there is no way that Google+ can be ignored, so it means that Internet marketers have to get involved, yet more things for us to concentrate on.

  2. Marketing Day: January 12, 2012 says:

    [...] 20 Google Plus Brand Page Design Ideas From Google, http://www.hobo-web.co.uk [...]

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