How does Google’s Page Experience impact your site’s ranking?


Understanding Google’s page experience can significantly impact your site’s ranking in search results. This article is for website owners who want to ensure their site provides an excellent page experience across many aspects. It covers Core Web Vitals and secure page delivery to mobile-friendly design and ad placement.

Here are the key aspects to consider for a good page experience:

  1. Core Web Vitals: Does the website pass CWV?
  2. Security: Are pages served securely?
  3. Mobile-friendly: Does content display well on mobile devices?
  4. Ad placement: Does the content lack excessive ads that distract from the main content?
  5. Interstitials: Do pages lack intrusive interstitials?
  6. Navigation: How easily can visitors locate the main content?
  7. Page design: Is the main content easily distinguishable from other content on the page?

Understanding and optimising your site’s page experience is crucial for success in Google Search. By focusing on various aspects, from Core Web Vitals to secure page delivery, you can enhance your site’s performance and user experience.

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You can find out more about Google’s page experience on their developer’s guide.

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