BBC Linking Out Could Help UK Businesses In Recession

Just last week, I read an article on the BBC, totally generated by the PR efforts of a small company, that was the most emailed piece on the site that day. How did the BBC choose to reward the company? – with a mention of the company’s web address that wasn’t a regular clickable link.Google today counts links (and it really needs to be a clickable link direct to the company website with no fancy redirect) from such sources as the BBC as the most trusted, important links on the Web. These links are like Gold Dust, and can really go a long way to identifying real websites for Google, a means to seperate the good from the bad in the internet cesspool. If the BBC does not link out, it really is a disservice to businesses.

The BBC might be about to actually help UK businesses this recession though and in a way that will no means hurt the BBC. Erik Huggers who works for the BBC believes that the broadcaster should be using its top 10 ranking in UK internet traffic to help out other British sites and that is 100% correct. But it should be google-friendly links they use that actually cite the other website to Google, so Google can give it ranking benefits.

Huggers – who is the Director of Future Media and Technology at the BBC – points out that, of the UK top-10 most visited sites, only the BBC is a UK site, and insists that the time has come to ‘aggressively’ link out to other UK sites.

The BBC’s online presence is the only British owned presence in the top 10,” Huggers said at a DTG conference. “Everything else in the top 10 in terms of the most visited is foreign – the BBC is the only one in there. Rather than trying to keep all that traffic inside the BBC’s domain we’re going to link out very aggressively and help other organisations pull their way up on the back of the investments that the BBC has made in this area.”

I wonder if he means Google friendly links? If not, then while they send traffic to the site in question, which is of course a step forward, the BBC is still mising a trick to help us UK businesses out.

This recession it won’t hurt the BBC to link out to other sites, and it could really help UK businesses get the most out of Google, where most internet traffic is channeling through. Ha you could even hide the odd paid link in there amongst that lot :)

Got a comment on the BBC linking practices?

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7 Responses

  1. Panix says:

    Link baiting is tricky enough, but at least we have the ultimate goal if the BBC continue to link out. ‘Stan Still, get a move on’…………. brilliant!

  2. Dave says:

    I would love a directory of sites that don’t “play nice” with Google juice: – news sites that don’t add links to articles – blogs that put “nofollow” on links to sites/articles they don’t like or agree with – blogs that “nofollow” everything That way, I would know, for example, that if I link to the my local newspaper, I should nofollow it, since they’ve chosen not to use links responsibly.

  3. Richard Ball says:

    i agree I hate a sites that are just a dead end with no follow links and just boiler plates that link within itself!!

  4. Reference Data Jobs says:

    Succinctly put. It would help many sites. Why are they so stingy?

  5. Fit Box says:

    Do you know when this is happening and where the application submission page is? Need to submit my form on to it!

  6. DSFlyman says:

    I’m sorry, why limit the links to UK businesses only? No matter how hard we fight it, we have reached the global age.

  7. John says:

    I would not have used the word “aggressive” as in today’s world Google tends to frown at aggressive linking by any site. But – yes -you are right. with the domain strength it has – if BBC links to any site with Google friendly juice – then it will definitely be helping its younger brothers/sisters by passing that little bit juice that may go a long way.

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