How To Track Visitors, Rankings + Conversions in Google Analytics

Some collected research to show you how to track your seo internet marketing efforts, clicks and conversion using Google Analytics –

  1. How Do You Track SEO rankings with Google Analytics
  2. How to Count Your Outbound Clicks In Google Analytics
  3. How to Monitor Universal Search traffic with Google Analytics
  4. How to Track Feed Subscriber Referrals in Google Analytics
  5. How To Track New RSS Subscribers Google Analytics
  6. How To Use Google Analytics to Track Feed Subscriptions
  7. Track Internal Search Data With Google Analytics
  8. How To Track PDF Downloads in Google Analytics
  9. How Do I Track Google AdSense Clicks via Google Analytics
  10. How To Track Internal Links in Google Analytics
  11. How To Track WordPress Signups and Comments in Google Analytics
  12. How to Track Ad Results Using Google Analytics
  13. How to track Google SearchWiki with Google Analytics
  14. Using Google Analytics to Track Google Checkout Orders
  15. How do I track Flash events in Analytics?
  16. How do I track JavaScript events in GA?
  17. How to Track Email Link Clicks in Analytics

Help Google take over the world with Google Analytics – at least you can keep track of it.

If there’s any useful tracking and monitoing posts I have missed feel free to drop a line in the comments :)

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5 Responses

  1. Dave @ Gencia says:

    One question that has been up for debate in our office of late – how accurate is google analytics these days? Compared to server logs and server side tracking, it still seems to report less traffic, in some cases by quite a large amount and we sometimes find differing amounts of search terms leading to site referrals from the search engines – I find it useful as a guide to web site visitors and search trends due mainly to it’s powerful reporting suite but do wonder how much trust to place in it’s reported figures.

  2. Shaun says:

    Howdy Dave I’m by no means a Google Analytics expert, I just know what I need to know. I do know for instance that GA does not track everything accurately, so no wonder you have had issues.

  3. Zulu Digital - Inter says:

    Google Analytics is pretty accurate. Having said that, I know that there are times when the tool is inaccurate. If you engage in any sort of keyword tracking (ie., monitoring the positioning/ranking of your site against it’s target keywords), you may find that you venture into the lower pages of the SERPs. Obviously, at this depth of the SERPs, no-one will click through to your site. However, even if you do not click on your link, but you have your website open in another window, Google Analytics thinks that you have visited the site via this particular search term.

  4. Shaun says:

    Thanks for chiming in Zulu – Cool Name :)

  5. Ricky C says:

    nice compiling list you got there but just for a side note if GA does not make an accurate record, then try to use the plugin instead. If you wanna know whats the plugin then do a search i’m sure you’ll have a lot of people who sharing this plugin (at least that what i do in my blog)

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