Hotel SEO checklist for hotels and guest houses


Hotel SEO checklist

If you are a hotel owner, marketing manager, or hotel website developer, in search of a comprehensive SEO (search engine optimisation) checklist for hotels, you are in the right place. The Hotel SEO checklist is an SEO checklist for in-house or outsourced hotel website managers, designers, and web developers.

This checklist goes beyond the standard “submit your website to Google Business profile” and “create useful content“.  It includes many recommendations from Google itself on how to SEO your Hotel website.

This paid-for SEO checklist in Google sheets is designed to be all website managers need to edit a Hotel website to align with Google’s webmaster guidelines and so rank optimally in Google. Know that if you do not follow these guidelines, your website is demoted in Google search results.

The Hotel SEO checklist contains a:

  • Local business SEO checklist for hotels
  • Technical SEO checklist
  • SEO starter guide checklist
  • Booking system UX/SEO checklist
  • Site quality checklist
  • Site content quality checklist
  • Sitewide on-page SEO checklist
  • Analytics checklist
  • Task manager system

The author has audited many hotels and guest houses over 20 years as a practising, professional SEO. Hotel SEO is the same wherever your Hotel is in the world (be your hotel situated in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, or Canada, to name but a few, as Google’s guidelines are global.

This checklist is available now to purchase.

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