Ecommerce SEO checklist


If you are the website developer, manager, or owner of an online ecommerce store looking to improve Google traffic to it, the Premium Hobo Ecommerce SEO checklist is made for you. This ecommerce SEO checklist is designed for ecommerce managers to manage their SEO-related activities on their store over the long term in a cost-effective manner.

The Ecommerce SEO checklist contains a:

  • Technical SEO audit checklist.
  • Ecommerce SEO audit checklist.
  • SEO starter guide checklist.
  • Site quality checklist.
  • Site content quality checklist.
  • Sitewide on-page SEO checklist.
  • SEO Task Manager checklist.

Review the premium version of the SEO checklist for eCommerce stores in this video.

This checklist is included in the Premium SEO checklist, the free version you may have seen here.

eCommerce SEO Checklist for Online Stores

If you are interested in eCommerce SEO, this sheet also includes a detailed technical SEO checklist, which is also part of the free SEO checklist.

You can access the limited, free version of the ecommerce SEO checklist on Google Sheets.

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