Character Counter Tool

Use this free tool to calculate online the number of characters in words in a selection of text. In SEO sometimes it is useful in determining how many characters you have in a page title, meta description or link.

  1. Number of Characters In A Title For Google – I would stick to about 55-70 Characters Max For Display but there is NO BEST PRACTICE – it depends on PIXELS and the words you use to fill your page title – Note also Google seems to read and index more than 70 characters in a title. Mobile users get a longer title snippet than desktop users. Keep important keywords in the first 8 words. Keep titles to under 12 words where possible.
  2. Number Of Characters In A Meta Description for GoogleKeep important information in meta description lengths in about the first 156 Characters, with secondary sentence perhaps in the next 300 characters as Google now shows longer descriptions for longer queries. Include the keyword you are focusing on if you want the meta description to appear in the snippet.

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