Joomla Or WordPress – Which CMS Is Best?

I see a lot of reviews of this kind out there, and frankly, a lot I read, don’t seem to be coming from actual EXPERIENCE. I remember YEARS ago asking the same question – Which is Better – WordPress or Joomla?

I can give you my honest opinion as myself, and my team, have had years experience with both open source content management systems.

I love Joomla when I spend time in it and WordPress too (Hobo is built with WP) , and I had a rule of thumb….

  • building a big document depository? Use Joomla.
  • building a site you just want to update with company news and the like? Go with WordPress.

Both are great systems (for FREE) and both can do what the other does, but I think Joomla takes too much time to configure (especially with CLIENTS in the mix), and too much time to troubleshoot conflicts, especially when your interested in SEO (!) – and shouldn’t every website owner be?

Of course, both systems leave a lot to be desired when it comes to SEO – especially search engine friendly URLs and canonicalisation issues / duplicate content woes though both can be addressed – though it’s worth pointing out WordPress makes this very easy indeed.

Of course, I am not denying you can’t build a great site that ranks well with both cms (content management systems) – because you can – but when it comes down  to it, I prefer WordPress, and that system is what we’ll be focusing on from this point on.

Joomla, for us, simply costs too much money and time in the long run, even with experience, in comparison with WordPress. This has got to be acknowledged.

Too many times are we editing Joomla sites thinking “we wish this was wordpress” as more often than not, adding new components seems to totally screw with the SEO component – so much so I think the guy who made it must have been pulling his *&^%ing hair out….. like we have in the past.

Even though we built, what I think, is the perfect e-commerce platform with Joomla for SEO purposes, we decided to scrap it AT THE LAST MINUTE and redo it in WordPress, just so we wouldn’t have component problems in the future.

Joomla is a fantastic CMS, but WordPress is just so much simpler for most people to get to grips with.

Advice – Just starting out? Thinking about which is better? which is simpler? Which is easier to use?

Choose WordPress, not Joomla….

NOTE – Check this out for wordpress SEO.

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