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So Marty and I have made a few tools over the last year to help us do a few things quicker. Our focus has been on tools that quickly audit a page, quickly extract keyword research data, quickly extract back link data, manage unnatural links, create fast reports, that sort of thing. We’re not finished developing our tools, but I thought I might as well launch a quirky page auditor as a free tool.

Aimed  at beginners to seo, the Hobo SEO Auditor can hopefully help guide you in the right direction if you are optimising your first page or site, or give more experienced seo a quick look at a page if pressed for time. It doesn’t score your site or anything – it’s meant to be a learning aid. There are decisions in seo better made by yourself than any tool – every marketer focuses on different things – but hopefully this tool will point you in a few directions so you can learn more about seo.

If you have a few minutes, please let me know how you would improve the tool in the comments below.

You can try out the free tool here: (beta*)

NOTE – When adding your URL, make sure you visit the site and get the  url from the browser bar (it might glitch if it finds a redirect).

*Expect glitches. Use the info provided at your own risk. A few very experienced seo have already given me some really valuable feedback, and we already have a new working version of the tool. I might release that soon.

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  1. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Hi there Shaun, I’ve always waited for Hobo to roll out something like this. And WOW, this tool seems amazing. Thanks a lot :)

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