Google Keyword Tool Update?

Hmmmm – has Google keyword tool been updated? I can paste a LOT more keywords into the search box (which previously had been limited to 100 was it not?).

I have been doing keyword research solid for the last 4 weeks and last week for a short time Google Keyword Tool also let me EXPORT more than 800 keywords at a time. Well, it let me do it once. Perhaps this is old news – I do have a very formulaic approach to keyword research – I might not have got the memo.

It might be the case that Google is going to give us a much more useful keyword tool in the near future.

I wonder what that will do to keyword data companies.

UPDATE: Apparently I was correct:

Google Keyword Tool


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4 Responses

  1. James Miodonski says:

    Well spotted Sean, you’re spot on it did used to be 100 keywords at a time, and what a PITA it was too.

  2. Shaun Anderson says:

    Cheers yes I thought that was different. Late night last night – I want sure myself lol.

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