Free Rank Checker

This is a simple and fairly accurate online free rank checker tool for Google, Yahoo and Bing – and you can check up to 100 keywords per url for free.

I’ve been playing about with it and it is very simple to use.

Using this rank checker is very easy and you can track up to 100 words per domain and up to ten domains.

You don’t need to put any credit card details in either. It checks rankings on demand, instantly too.


Be aware rankings change all the time in Google, computer to computer, city to city (and Google is really turning up the localised results in the UK). Checking rankings of keywords in Google can often identify opportunity for more traffic, and rank checking can certainly identify problems like site-wide ‘penalties’ or keyword based ‘penalties’ – or rank recovery. You can do all that without checking rankings, of course, and as a result of this, some seo see checking your position in Google hourly or day to day as a waste of time.

Ultimately the answer to whether or not your campaign is working is found in Analytics, but rank checking can give you indicators before the fact, that’s some tactic is paying off.

Focusing on rankings might not be the best use of your time. I prefer to focus on traffic and transactions rather than individual rankings, because you often end up focused on the wrong thing. But it is data. And it is free.

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