WordPress SEO – The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Wordpress SEO Plugin by Yoast

WordPress SEO is easy to use, and powerful.

I was thinking of making a wordpress seo plugin, as I thought the existing things out there where filled with a lot of useless stuff you don’t need but Yoast has a great seo plugin suite that already does some of the sort of things I sort of wanted. I’m now running WordPress SEO on Hobo (it is a beta plugin so backup before you install) and I successfully imported all my All-In-One SEO plugin details in a few seconds. EDIT – on reflection, some of these settings did not fully import. A few seconds to tweak though.

While All-In-One SEO plugin was useful, I often thought I would get time one day to strip all the (for me) useless feature bloat out of it.

I didn’t. WordPress SEO does that, and adds plenty more really neat stuff, and you can probably rely on Yoast to come out with an even better version at some point.

Yoast has a very solid WordPress SEO guide too for all WP fanatics.

(There’s a few things in there I wondered about –

The SEO title is limited to 70 chars

….it’s there so the snippet functions properly I think, as Google will read and index more than 70 characters, if not display more.

  • The search engine snippet generator isn’t really a true representation of  how Google will treat your snippet in all cases. Disappointing but not unexpected.
  • I’m also not really a fan of all this internal rel=nofollow lark these days, but the noindex/follow functions are useful for avoiding creating a lot of duplicate content
  • It’s possibly a bit much to digest for a beginner seo but it is easy to use if you have an inkling what you are doing
  • Focus keywords is a cool little gimmick – would be nice if it integrated with SEMRUSH or something….
  • I love the ability to control at a page level canonical urls and 301 from a post
  • You can turn a lot of stuff on or off.
  • You can verify your wordpress blog with Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • You can set up a google xml sitemap too

I’m still interested in making a seo plugin, as some elements of seo are always going to be personal, or preferences, rather than scientific fact –  but it would probably be to work in conjunction with Yoast’s.

WordPress SEO is a cool plugin though.

And it’s free. Try it out.


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6 Responses

  1. Nick D says:

    Cool, nice one Shaun, I will have a look at this and let you know what I think, Yoast’s Meta Robots is a great plugin. I like the sound of setting prefered canonicals at a page level, thats something that seems to be missing from most WP SEO plugins, and until now page level 301 or 302 control has meant installing another plugin just for that task.

  2. Chris says:

    I too have often thought of stripping down the “all in one SEO” plugin to get rid of the bloat but have never got round to it. It’s good to see other peoples take on it and your post has already got me thinking about the “missing” functionality that I would need to build in to make the whole exercise worthwhile.

  3. Devjeet says:

    Nice one dear…..btw i think all in one seo, google xml sitemaps etc are also best seo plugins in wordpress

  4. James says:

    Good idea Shaun, there’s always room in the market for more products with new/alternative features. Also, talking of SEO, I wonder how many thousands of links Hobo Web will get from offering this free tool ;)

  5. Portland seo says:

    Great post! I didn’t know this plugin existed. There are hundreds of plugins that come up in the search for “SEO” in the WP plugin database and so many plugins I’ve tried broke my site or did weird things like put noindex on my home page. If you do make an SEO plugin, you could use yoast code as a base and modify it to create the interface you want. WordPress developers often have a tendency to start from scratch rather than work together which holds us back. I’ve always been impressed with site sell it’s SEO features because they give total newbies the ability to do on page optimizations effectively. Their tool helps you pick a domain name, suggests page keywords, and then gives you a check list to make sure you did it correctly. By contrast when my clients open All-in-One SEO they say, Greg, Help! What’s all this SEO junk I don’t understand?

  6. Randy Brickhouse Sr. says:

    Hey Shaun, Man, do I have a lot to learn! The last sentence in the comment from Portland SEO is right on point for me. I thought that with WordPress, SEO was supposed to be child’s play. I took a look at the Yoast website. There’s a lot of great content on optimizing and configuring the plug-in. I have the All-in-One too. That took enough time for me to understand, and I still need to know more about optimizing my WordPress? In all honesty, I have to say that I pretty much need my hand to be held. I need to be able to print step by step instructions out. I’m afraid of making a mess of things on my website. I do want my site to have every opportunity to do well in the search engines. Is there an ebook you can recommend for WordPress SEO? Thanks and God bless.

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