Export Up TO 5000 Rows in Google Analytics Dashboard

Export 5000 rows in Google Analytics dashboard - Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 16.38.16

I’m not sure when this happened – but today at least now you can export up to 5000 rows in Google Analytics dashboard.

This is a welcome change, though there have been other ways of doing this in the past (I’ve included this below)

How To display and export more than 5000 rows in Google Analytics and to CSV – Up To 50,000 Rows

When you select 5000 rows you will have a URL like this


…just change that last number from 5000 at the end of that url to 50000 (add an extra zero) and hey presto – you see much more in the dashboard, too.

The MAXIMUM amount of rows you can see in the Dashboard is 20000 rows whichever number you specify at the end of that url.

I’m not sure why Google just doesn’t give you the option to view 20,000 rows – perhaps it’s more resource intensive to let everyone be doing it.

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