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Syndicating A Blog Post

*Please note this article is obselete and pending deletion

I wanted to syndicate my content and notify my social sites automatically. The studio’s too busy to build me something so I played about with a few free sites to see if I get get some useful syndication between Google Docs and my network, including my blog…. there may be smarter ways of doing it but for the purposes of testing this will need to suffice.

I wanted to publish my articles once which notified all my social networks something like:

  • Google Docs, WordPress, Feedburner, Twitter, Google Buzz, TwitterFeed, Ping.Fm, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Posterous, Friendfeed, Delicious & any other networks i use

Google Docs to WordPress

I wanted to write my articles in Google Docs so i could start spell checking, but then publish to my self hosted WordPress blog at Hobo, direct from Google Docs;

  1. Go To Google Docs
  2. Create Your Article
  3. Close it and go back to main Google Doc screen
  4. Select the article I want to publish to WordPress
  6. You get a chance to configure your blog settings here and you’re ready to publish your Google Doc directly to WordPress
  7. UPDATE – API – I am using the MetaWeblog API as I was having a problem with article titles not appearing in my WP post
  8. REMEMBER – you can use Google docs to edit the actual HTML of the page (for instance if you want to add hidden elements in your article html like a page break) although beware – Google Docs seems to have some issues with certain formatting elements it seems…. so check the end result….

WordPress To Google Buzz
I’m considering using Google Buzz as my primary social network (tho I use Twitter at the mo) so I obviously want my WordPress blog to post the article automatically to my Google Buzz account – see here – and here and how to do that but basically all you need to do is add a

<link rel=“me” type=“text/html” href=“”/>

and then your article appears on my Google Buzz account (hopefully)

My blog rss feed is syndicated through Feedburner which has the option to automatically Tweet a feed post, so I could choose this option to notify Twitter, but as (I think) Socialize service only supports Twitter and no other, I’ll leave this option out to avoid duplicate tweets. UPDATE: Actually, no for some reason is not playing nice with Twitter, so I WILL use FEEDBURNER TO NOTIFY TWITTER…

RSS Feed To TwitterFeed to

I took my Feedburner RSS feed URI and signed up with Twitter Feed

… which lets me push my article automatically to

… which of course will let me syndicate my article to a lot of other services i might want to add to control later  – I’ll use to POST TO TWITTER (for a test I will also post to the Hobo Tumblr blog – I had to make sure my Tumblr blog wasn’t cross posting to Twitter in my Tumblr settings – and Posterous but that’s all) to Twitter & Other Services


and the *new* Hobo delicious account where I bookmark my blog posts for my network as well as other sites i find of interest

Syndicating My Tweets

So that’s when I blog sorted out. And at some point along the chain (VIA Feedburner) what I posted finds it’s way to Twitter.

As at the moment Twitter is the main channel I use, I want my Tweet to sync with social media sites too, but I don’t want to create a lot of duplicate noise or create any type of spammy syndicated content loop.

As I don’t want to create pointless noise, I’ll let my Twitter account (updated either by myself when I tweet or via ‘FEEDBURNER / PUBLICIZE / SOCIALIZE’ when I blog) notify various other services

will update the new Hobo Facebook page

using RSS Graffiti,

and any links I publish in Twitter should be synchronised with Delicious using and I can continue to use Twitter as a bookmarking service

i’ve already connected my Linkedin account with Twitter at Linkedin for my connections

and I have done the same with my Friendfeed account.

This post is actually a test post I wrote in Google Docs to see if it posts correctly to WP and works as expected with the social media sites I browse. There’s other ways of setting this chain up but this one suits my intentions. I don’t expect to use Twitter any more than I do already which is not much at all…so noise hopefully isn’t a problem.

As this is a test post, some things might not work as expected, and I will update the post with probs/fixes and other syndication possibilities…

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11 Responses

  1. Shaun Anderson (Hobo says:

    Note – Twitter choked on a malformed title via Google Docs, so broke the cycle. If it didn’t I think it would have worked 100% – think I don’t use the post Title option in Google Docs next time – I didn’t in my very first test doh!

  2. Paul says:

    All good stuff Shaun, Have you tried Flock (, it’s basically a browser that connects all your social networks in 1 place and allows you to publish once scenario like your talking about above.

  3. Peter says:

    Nice post Shaun… Thanks :)

  4. TradeShow Ninja says:

    Hi Shaun, Cool idea… Are you just trying to post notifications on all these social sites, or are you trying to post your new article on all the sites. If it’s posting the article, would it become “duplicate content” and would google ignore the copies? If this is for social traffic, it doesn’t matter, but if it is for search traffic, does it? ~ Steve, TradeShow Ninja PS. I have yet to try these social networks… It’s on my “to do” list, but for now I’m kind of old skool. :)

  5. TradeShow Ninja says:

    Hi Shaun, I saw your post “Is Twitter Killing Real Blog Comments?” and was going to comment on it (my wife was just telling yesterday about a story that Twitter would end blogging :) ), but I don’t see a way to add a comment on it. Do you close comments on posts after a few weeks (the post is from February I think)? ~ Steve

  6. Client says:

    I wonder what attitude Google has to these automatic updates and notifications. There might be penalties…

    • Shaun Anderson (Hobo says:

      Of course, I’m not intending to publish the full content of the articles on these sites (in all cases) or even trying to manipulate Gogle in this instance. For instance, it’s not as if (with this site) I even need to do this to encourage Google to spider my sites. I’m simply updating my status profiles. If any of the sites had a problem with it, they would ask me to stop first I would have thought. A lot of these profiles wont even be 100% dupe content as each profile is set up to take certain elements of data and not others.

  7. Shaun Anderson (Hobo says:

    @Steve I close old posts for a number of reasons. I have a plan though ;) Stay tuned….

  8. Victoria says:

    Nice job Shaun I think our live never be the same without these social sites.

  9. Christian Buckland says:

    I have been blown away by the use of social sites, some good and some bad. In my line of mental healthcare i have seen many pro anorexia sites telling people how it is ok to be anorexic so the more professionals take advantage of these sites the better – espeically as the kids use them all the time.

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