Ninja Commenting On This Blog & Probably Other Blogs Too

*** Edit – In the spirit of Good Karma I accepted an apology from the erstwhile ‘spammer’ / padouan ninja linkbuilder. As promised I removed the seo company’s name from this post to give him back his Google listings and save his online reputation. ***

I must be reformed. Not only have I stopped spamming blogs I have no interest in, just for link-juice, now I am outing those who still do.

Yes, I’ve dropped by sites I’ve targeted specifically for a link. Isn’t that how every link-builder starts? I normally have quite a threshold for this sort of crap innovative linkbuilding, as I’m a forgiving ex-comment-spammer, but come off it ***** SEO Services, India, this commenting did not impress. And I’ve seen better from the automatic spam Akismet and Spam Karma nuke.

Perhaps it was because I was with a client today, telling them how to play nice in the blogosphere, what i’ve learned about how to join in and get involved in an online community, when these email notifications started alerting me to your shady ninja linkbuilding. It was quite funny actually. Basically this was a timely and clear example how NOT to get links from related sites. Well themed, poorly actioned, and punished in a way that hurts.

Here’s what I saw in my comments moderation panel today;


  1. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Blogs are good source of information and website promotion.
    Jan 14, 12:53 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  2. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Fresh and effective content on your site invites search engine robots on site. So content is always King.
    Jan 14, 12:47 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  3. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED PR and Backlinks are updated. Great!! We are getting good PR and backlinks for our site.
    Jan 14, 12:40 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  4. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Number of links on a single page and links from different (not related to your business) sites, makes the posibality of that perticular page not indexed by Google.
    Jan 14, 12:34 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  5. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Thanks for this useful and informative update for SEO learning.
    Jan 14, 12:27 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  6. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED SEO is all about research work on your site and its market.
    Jan 14, 12:22 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  7. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Using of Robot.txt files is very helpful for website update.
    Jan 14, 12:10 PM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  8. Shaun Anderson | x | hobo | IP: ???? – LOL – Glad to see you’re policing things, Tim
    Jan 14, 11:59 AM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  9. Tim Nash | Hobo Moderator | | IP: ???? Nice to know but I bet someone blessed with a first name like SEO must have no problems getting rankings ;)
    Jan 14, 11:44 AM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
  10. SEO | x | REMOVED | IP: REMOVED Great Interview and very informative.
    Jan 14, 11:38 AM — [
    Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post

Sheeish! So what are you going to get for all that good targeting and work? Nothing, unfortunately. Those links will soon be deleted. Even that well known comment spammer Tim Nash was frightened. ;) Oh – and we will probably rank top in the UK for your name, that’ll give you some reputation management to practice on;

Dang, I hate being right even some of the time….

And I thought Sebastian was up to no good with his ‘spamming’ ;) – but can you spot the difference?

Actually ***** SEO India, you actually do get something out of this (apart from your email getting spammed). A free lesson in what happens when you piss a blogger off – don’t you know every day people like me are just looking for something to put on their blog? You guessed it, in between those stellar interviews with Jim, Sebastian & Tim, this was a ‘slow day’.

Here’s a few tips to get a free link on this seo blog (and probably any other blog) from a reformed blog comment spammer (in fact, this is now going to be my new blog comment policy page). I want this blog treated with a bit of respect, the same I now give to other bloggers (I hope) – so;

Tips For Commenting On This Blog & Others

  • When looking at the page, don’t think link, think read
  • If you’ve got something worthwhile to say, comment
  • If you’ve not got anything to say, subscribe to my feed, come back tomorrow, or find a post you do have a view on. One of my New Year Resolutions in 2008 is to answer my comments, and get involved more with other people’s blogs, so don’t worry if it’s a slightly older post
  • Drop a comment and get involved. Don’t head off to another blog post when you had a clear opportunity to converse with Tim. Repeat after me – Tim is not that scary.
  • Say something useful, feel free to add keywords in my blog post via your comment form – I like that.
  • Try and limit your signature link to your company name, personal name, or nickname. ‘SEO’, SEO Scotland or the like ;) is never going to work for me, unless your comment is stellar, and I don’t think Google is liking it that much these days either.
  • Give to receive. Want a traffic driving link? Why not Stumble or Digg or Mixx the post, then drop a link in like “Great read – Stumbled”. I can live with that sort of thing.
  • Know without knowing that the last thing you want to do is piss off a blogger. Any blogger – didn’t you know the power of blogging? Know that a blog with 200+ posts is quite frankly a labour of love.
  • Know that I moderate things around here. Supposedly I’ve got some responsibility to keep Google’s index uncluttered and to stop excessive manipulation of the serps. As a seo company, you’ll be aware of this.
  • Do most of the above (practice and it becomes natural) and after a certain number of comments, if you’re a “good egg” by my keenly honed senses, you’ll probably have made pals with me, you’ll have a link that drives traffic, and you know what, it’ll be a Dofollow link, too. I might even consider linking to you in future posts. You’ll have ‘done’ me, and I will be happy. It’s one of those win-win situations.
  • I reserve the right to edit any comment you place on this site basically to say anything I want – don’t worry if you are not a blog spammer. :)

Ack! – Is this post Bad Karma? Oh the irony… :)

Perhaps. Perhaps something was lost in translation? I’m in a bad mood (actually I’m always in a bad mood)? Perhaps, so, if you get it sorted, drop me a line and I will consider removing all references to your seo company, that being ‘***** SEO Services India’, of course (jeez, I’ve not keyword stuffed for such a long time it seems).

Perhaps it was a newbie seo / linkbuilder? We all make mistakes, and there’s a learning curve, but I charge a lot of money for our seo nous, and I just gave you, the management at ***** seo India, free link building advice and a resource you can point all your link ninjas to in future before they head out on their days’ commenting.

This post can now serve as an example to show my clients what happens with poorly crafted blog commenting and what happens when you piss off one of those bloggers out there who ‘probably’ has the ‘Google authority” to rank for your brand name in Google UK at least.

Dang, I hate being right even some of the time….

PS ***** SEO Services India – Please leave our blog alone for the time being, although you may comment on this page when you find it :)

Edit – This page will be a good post to get a link from as it soon will have every page on this site pointing to it. Just think about it this time…. (I wish I could see your faces when you return in the morning looking to get more links from the Hobo site) and hey, just thought I’d let you know what the search marketing industry thought about your Ninja Linkbuilding :)

Oops - This article went hot and a lot of people saw it!

You may want to have a look at this too – it’s about online reputation management. :)

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41 Responses

  1. Tim Nash says:

    * Edited * :D lol

  2. Lee says:

    I thought that looked familiar. I blocked that IP address a little while ago on a blog I help maintain for a client. I guess they get around. Reminds me to never piss off a blogger. Hate to see their inbox in the morning.

  3. Shaun Anderson says:

    Thanks Guys – hey I don’t mind commenters of course, that’s a bit to much, even for me….

  4. Mike - Twenty Steps says:

    Loving your work, Shaun. It only seems right and proper that after all the hard work he’s put in that he should be rewarded in the SERPs after all ;)

  5. Shaun Anderson says:

    LOL – Cheers Mike – It just annoyed me. If they promise to reform I’ll promise to clean up the SERPS. :) Loved your last post by the way :)

  6. Gavin Mitchell says:

    Are you suggesting that *** Edited *** SEO Services purchase of the ‘Big Book o’ Seo Cliches 2008: Comment Spam Edition’ was not a sound investment decision? At least the comment spam you receive is coherent. I’ve been seeing stuff lately that borders on the surreal; to the point where I’m starting to think that secret organisations are sending me coded messages.

  7. Shaun Anderson says:

    Ha Ha Quality comment Gavin. :) @ Tim I see you now rank for the term, you scurrilous devil, using home page authority to trounce my post, er, about ****** SEO Services India. :) I concede defeat :) PS – Lets not be too harsh – I am willing to remove the company name once I’m assured they’ll stop wasting my time and spot I’m not really the sort to let someone get away with it :) Sheesh, I think I only hit a site 3 times at most at my very worst. And I spent about 20 minutes crafting the comment and reading the article (of course Andy was having none of it on his link farm). :) I certiainly won’t over-pollute their serps in a way I can’t cleanup – :) – I’m keeping that for somebody else, if they don’t leave me alone.

  8. Mike - Twenty Steps says:

    Glad you liked the post, Shaun. If you happen to find yourself in the wilds of Suffolk in a couple of weeks time, you could be our resident SEO zombie :D @ Gavin – I know what you mean about the surreal nature of this years spam crop. Some of it I’m also tempted to let through for the sheer entertainment factor.

  9. Shaun Anderson says:

    Mike – I see the post now…. and I’ve always wanted to Rank for “Shaun Of The Dead”! That would be cool as XXXX – not really allowed to say that sort of thing on this blog. :)

  10. Shaun Anderson says:

    PS – And, Mike, only if I got a good part, ie getting shot in the face or eating somebody :)

  11. Gab "ninja link comm says:

    Funny, I was just saving an email in my inbox to out the company as spam and share it on my blog. I think I’m going to out them and some other annoying people who do comment spam. Interestingly, they’re also “seo link masters” and offer “web design india” “web design services ny” and such. I’m also thinking I’ll link to you from that post. It’s such a fun game to cause reputation management issues for crummy companies :D

  12. Tim Nash says:

    All your searches belong to me! oh wait sorry wrong film :) of course if they put out a nice public apology I’m sure those nasty pages could vanish without to much of a problem. I think I know a good reputation management consultant.

  13. Shaun Anderson says:

    Yeah but what do you do when it’s good reputation management consultants that’s pissed off? :)

  14. Tim Nash says:

    Change industries :)

  15. Martin Bowling says:

    Shaun, in a show of solidarity I also made a post discussing their shady tactics. I was in the mood for a nice outing, thanks for the great read and giving me something I could post on my blog!

  16. Shaun Anderson says:

    @ Tim LMAO (First time I’ve ever used that acronym I think) @ Martin – Will have a look see…. :)

  17. Shaun Anderson says:

    This is obviously the week all the spammers decided to fall out :)

  18. Martin Bowling says:

    Shaun didn’t know if you had seen the latest serps for their brand. On my data center it shows you and tim rank 1,2,3 for their brand!

  19. SlightlyShadySEO says:

    Congrats! You’re now outranking them in the US!

  20. Shaun Anderson says:

    Cheers for the comment (and link of support) Shady! Yeah, but that traffic whore spammer Tim Nash stole their rankings, from me! Ha Ha!

  21. Paul-S says:

    I saw this on stumble but decided not too comment, now its gone ape I thought “why the hell not”. Still on for Blackpool big man?

  22. SlightlyShadySEO says:

    Argh they’re back on top! But you and Tim are close behind.

  23. Shaun Anderson says:

    @Paul of course. @ Shady Thats why I never promise no1 – top ten is fine by me on this one! :) LOL – Was thinking of putting “***** SEO Services India” in my navigation structure….. too mean. Hell, it looks as though this guy is 23 years old. I am actually starting to feel sorry for him, but this will be a lesson for him. Do a link command in Yahoo and you can see his ninja commenting on Wolf Howl and Matt Cutts….funny. We could so out this guy. As I said, if the approach is decent, I will clean all this up, as will Tim I am sure – he’s a good guy too :)

  24. Martin Bowling says:

    @Shaun, I don’t think that would be too mean at all. I mean he could have atleast commented by now – said an I’m sorry or two. Said he’s learned his lesson – I am sure he has to know by now; half the internet knows by now!

  25. Shaun Anderson says:

    Hi Martin thanks for the comments….yeah but it’s a hollow victory. I’m just fed up getting spammed by inexperienced Ninja Linkbuilders or crap linkbuilding seo companies wasting my time in a normal day.

  26. Pete says:

    Great read – Stumbled :) Also seems we’ve got the same resolution for 2008 – to become more social – looking forward to adding more useful comments on your future posts Shaun

  27. Shaun Anderson says:

    Cheers Pete! Hope you stick around. :)

  28. John - The Ink Man says:

    Absolutely brilliant post… I’m a miserable git in the mornings. I’ve just read someones email moaning about why I couldn’t take their £2.50 order over the phone, last night at half past nine. This has well cheared me up had me laughing out loud :-) Bloody great – keep up the good work.

  29. Gavin Mitchell says:

    “Good afternoon, my name is Cosmetic Dentistry and my hobbies include poking sleeping alsatians with sticks, spilling the pints of the clinically insane and posting comment spam at the worst possible time and on the worst possible blogs.”

  30. Tim Nash says:

    Your joking right? Shaun know anything about Dentistry?

  31. Gavin Mitchell says:

    “worst possible blogs” Clearly this is with regard to the appropriateness of comment spam on said blog & not an indication of broader blog quality. ;)

  32. Shaun Anderson says:

    Ha Ha Tim – Here we go again…. :)

  33. Tim Nash says:

    My teeth are in fact caning and my dentist has the winter vomiting virus so I’m pretty anti Dentistry right now. :) We could have found a new sport! I wonder if we could get it into the Olympics?

  34. John - The Ink Man says:

    ….I never knew Dev off Corrie was a dentist too

  35. says:

    Hi all and thank you for your comments! I wish you all the best in 2008! ****** Edit – One very dumb spammer ***** Hence the following comments…..

  36. sebastian says:

    I’m in your blog spamming your comments. Whilst hacking my way in, I lost the huge list of link drops in my clipboard. Seems I just can’t do it, will search for another hobby.

  37. Rex Bush says:

    Boy am I guilty. Gab Goldenberg of SEO ROI tipped me off to this thread. I am new to SEO and I have a lot to learn. I suppose I will have to learn some of my lessons the hard way but I’m hoping to minimize those kinds of lessons. Seeing examples of comment spam has been helpful. Thanks.

  38. Colin Boyd says:

    Another innovative online marketer from India does wrong. hahahahahahah! love it!

  39. ibiza says:

    lol @ this entire thread. outranking someone for their own name with neg rep just because you can you meanies ;) ..and whoever said their name was lame has scared me off using ours too, hope youre happy. :( ibiza out.

  40. Marius says:

    I believe this “linkbuilding” tactic will grow bigger and bigger in the future. I see all kind of offers on webmasters forums with “professional” blog commenting services. I used to run a dofollow blog but I just couldn’t handle the spam and comments like the ones above. I had to put the nofollow tag back.

  41. Blog Commenting Etiq says:

    Hi, your ideas on commenting on blogs reflects quite a bit of professionalism. I would like to add a few thoughts myself. I have a blog and I found recently that most of the commenters are limiting by a one-word comment or one sentence comment such as “great post” and leaving their links. This is an absolutely deplorable commenting method. as you say, comment only if you have anything valuable to add to the post. I found that most people don’t comment spontaneously as what comes to their mind at the time. I think a good commenter always shows professionalism and justice to his own website/blog. I also found people engaging others to comment and they maid quite dirty comments, and some of them even commented to highly irrelevant posts. Liked your post Lenin

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