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The new Google Plus +1 is available to add your website here, and you’ll likely see on loads of websites from this point on. Rumours are – Google *may* use these signals when ranking search results (though we’ve heard that before) – and I thought this Tweet from Google was useful advice for web designers on making the +1 Google button validate to W3C standards.




What Is Google Plus +1 & How To Use It?

The Google Plus +1 button is Google’s answer to the Facebook and Twitter share buttons.



I’m not sure that many people care about W3C validation any more, which is a pity, but as we’re redeveloping the Hobo site at the moment, I wanted to see what options there are for old-timers that want to use W3C compliant social media share buttons.

Google Analytics Tracking

This is also useful – allowing you to track how many people click on the actual Google +1 button on your page – in Google Analytics.

WordPress Plugin

I jut added the code manually as we are redeveloping the site – but there is also a Google+1 wordpress plugin available.

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