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I've been a reader of the blog for a fair while and check most days for new posts. I've also downloaded your seo and link building ebooks. I found you through sheer frustration looking for someone in Scotland who actually seemed quite genuine and knowledgeable about SEO. My need for this was related to Scottish Business Forums so that I could have a place to refer people to on SBF if the SEO chat got complicated.
Shaun Anderson is by now a quite well known figure in the (local) SEO industry and beyond partly due to his ongoing efforts of spreading knowledge both within the industry and to the masses. He has published popular SEO resources for beginners and intermediate users both on his site and as an e-book. I've followed Hobo UK over the years and was quite impressed with their track record of contributions to the general understanding of procedures and best practices.
I'm a know-it-all web dev with a heart for usability, and I was pretty convinced that (organic) SEO and search engine optimisers were all magic smoke and fraud. I can't remember how I stumbled on Hobo, but it's really made me realize that there exists a sliver of search engine marketing where the people are intelligent and balance logical optimizations against steadily improving content for people. I can't emphasize enough how refreshing it is to be able to read useful, logical tips that aren't 99% "Google updated and they lowered my PageRank and Google is wrong…
I read your blog because you do experiments to try to determine what works for seo. It's one thing to spout conventional wisdom, it's another thing to determine what works (or doesn't work). While google is extremely complicated and I don't think anyone will ever figure it out, you come up with ideas and test them, and at least point us in the right direction. That is why I read your blog.
The winner of the 2011 SEO Blog of the Year award goes to Hobo-web. Written by Shaun Anderson, it delivers the goods in useful, actionable chunks. It doesn't go overboard with over long posts, and is to the point and fat free. I've been following the blog since 2007 and Shaun always gives spot on advice with very little crappola mixed in. Some of his advice I have implemented and it's been very helpful. Definitely a blog to add to your feeds.
We run a small online store in Australia and found the budget to hire a SEO for our huge product range beyond our budget. Whilst our business grew using google ppc I spent a year trying to get a grip on what SEO was about….when I started I had zero understanding. After 12 months part-time research and culling 100s and then 10s of other "advisors" I decided to use your free booklets and blog articles as the source for my DYI foray into SEO. Why you? Plain speaking, to the point, non-technical advice that was easy to read and more importantly understand! The results? I started, again part-time, on my website about 3 months ago. I have increased my natural search from 2% to 18% of my traffic in 12 weeks.
I'm sure you hear this all the time but I have to say this is the best SEO blog I have ever seen. I have started my small design company recently and your site/blog helped and helps me a lot. I'm based in Harrogate so I cover the north yorkshire area but if someone needs a web/print design company in Scotland no doubt that I recommend Hobo. I don't say "keep up the good work" because I know you will
I first came across your site while looking for an SEO company to help build an efficient SEO campaign for my employer. I was really happy that you guys as good as knocked them back, even though they had considerably deep pockets. Anyway I'm an avid reader of your blog and love the work ethics of Hobo.
I have to admit I read a lot of search engine blogs around the net. I find I keep coming back to this one though. It's by far the most original and informative. So many people recycle the same old stuff.
I always read your blog when I lived in the US now I am back in Blighty (Devon) I still do and am amazed (but not surprised) when people in the biz say they have heard of you guys
For the novice / beginner this site is a wealth of info and resources and will certainly help find a starting point. I found once I got my head around all the basics, the other material on the site such as testing, experiments and the results all start to become more useful as your understanding improves. The most notable thing is there is no hidden agenda to the testing, just a genuine interest in what makes the search engines tick, so you are able to have faith in the results and why the tests were carried out.
I'd recommend this site to SEOs of all abilities, none more so than the beginner as there is plenty here to get you on the right tracks – and plenty to keep you coming back.
I've been working on s.e.o. for a few years now but as a supporting service for our web design clients. (Hobo) played a big role in helping me build up this side of our business to the stage where it provides as much revenue as the other areas of our business and has a healthy client base of its own.
I read quite a few blogs these days but Hobo has always been one of my favorites. You have an excellent balance between very well thought out theories, tested facts and with a bit of attitude thrown in to make it all very enjoyable to read.
I have only been a subscriber for a few months but I find your newsletter really useful – it is helpful, insightful and fun as well. They are long enough to be informative but short enough to read without putting it to one side. Well done on a great job and keep it up! (no pressure!)
My rss reader is packed with over one hundred feeds, but this one I actually read (if that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is). The experiments are really interesting both to newbies and more experienced SEOs like myself, so keep 'em coming and thanks for a great blog.
I really like this blog, its down to earth and just packed with really useful stuff, especially things like the experiments and your e-books, which are a must read for any website owner!
I have always liked your no nonsense, no bullstuff approach. You need to make a living but there's no hard sell and the time I emailed you with a question you responded really quickly. I actually look forward to reading it and have put away all the Dummies books. I'll admit that a lot of the time, it's a bit too technical for me but if there's anything of interest I always pass it on to my developers.
Well before introducing myself I will say a few words on your "little seo blog" Well I would not call it little. it is one of the best SEO resources in the world and is a good source of information to all categories of users.

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