Hobo SEO Audit Manager – A Technical SEO Training Course direct to your inbox (Early bird offer!)

I’m launching a new detailed step-by-step Pro Technical SEO Audit course to show you how to audit real business websites.

  • Audit Search Console to find problems
  • Audit a Crawl of your website to find problems
  • Learn SEO using Google guidelines
  • Track progress on your site using the Hobo Pro Technical SEO Checklist
  • Email support

This is a paid course. Each course subscriber receives the Hobo Pro Technical SEO Checklist.

QUOTE: “LOVE the links straight to GSC. Every email is straight to the point, tackles one problem, very good, easy to read – I look forward to receiving them, that’s good!” Hobo Pro SEO Audit student 2023

This is a Premium version of the checklist focused on technical SEO and designed for this course.

This week only:

Join the course here for the one-off price of £49, or email me info@hobo-web.co.uk


Shaun Anderson