Stone Roses For Piano by Richard Thomas

I loved the Stone Roses as my pals know (still listen to them all the time), and I came across these amazing Stone Roses for Piano tracks on Itunes.

I’m working with Roddy McKenna, the A&R guy who first discovered the Stone Roses in the late 80s and he told me yesterday:

I think this version is great!!!

I asked Richard Thomas the artist behind the stone roses for piano how this came about…

Richard said:

Well i was and still am a massive roses / ian brown fan and i was at spike island in 1990 with my sister (who was also at blackpool and to my lasting regret i didnt go); i have been playing the roses songs on my piano at home for years; when i started youtubing “spike island” there was nothing filmed there either from the gig or since; so i had the idea to take my camera and just make a film at spike island to show what it was like now; then i decided to dub my made of stone onto the film and uploaded it ; within a month it had thousands of views and loads of people were asking me what i was recording next;  i did “supersonic” in liverpool next and then recorded some songs for my Oasis for Piano album which i released on itunes last year;  however i had more and more interest in the stone roses song so i spent most of november recording 10 stone roses tracks in my little home studio ; i abandoned some of them as they didnt work out (for example she bangs the drums didnt sound right at all on piano) and then chose the 7 that appear on the Stone Roses for Piano album.

i worked them all out by ear , as i know almost every stone roses song off by heart (including most of second coming) ; before i finished the project i checked the keys i had used to see if they were the same as the Roses versions – the only one different was “waterfall” which i played in G major, the original is in F sharp (quite a difficult key to play; i think John Squire used a capo on that track);i contacted an online distribution company who gave me advice about registering with the PRS (performing rights society) in order to pay proper royalties to the publishers in case i made any money out of the sales ; i must say that im not really doing this at all to make money, its just my passion for these amazing songs and the interest of friends to record them;

i must say what i noticed with a lot of the roses songs is that the melodies are so amazing - made of stone for example is a really  beautiful and haunting track when you strip it to the melody and chords; also another favourite is where angels play, which has an amazing john squire outro that i tried to capture on the piano;  the biggest challenge was the coda of i am the  resurrection – not sure if i pulled it off, but i had a good go;

what next?  i love the old roses b sides like mersey paradise, going down, standing here so might record some of them later in the year;  ten storey love song also sounds amazing on piano

Mersey Paradise is my favourite Stone Roses song! Can’t wait to hear the Piano version…. I’ll make do what I can get on Itunes at the moment :)

SO – If you want to buy Stone Roses For Piano – Buy at Itunes.

Amazing stuff…

PS – I did notice I’m not the first Roses fan (or SEO) to think the tracks are brill either…

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