How To Add Google Authorship Markup To Page

Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content. Google.

We’ve implemented Google Authorship Markup on the Hobo blog so my profile pic appears in Google search snippets. This does help draw attention to your search listing in Google, and may increase click-through rate for your listing. Google Authorship is expected to be a BIG ranking factor in the future – so DO NOT overlook it.

Google Author Markup

Google has released videos to help you get your face in Google serps, like I have above.

If you have a Google profile (Google Plus) you can implement these so that you can get a more eye-catching serp snippet in Google results (as we have, above):

This video will be of help, too:

Old School SEO Fun

Getting your face on Google has never been easier.

I think the first time you could really do that with any guaranteed results (apart from Google images of course) was by manipulating Google News…..

Pure Vanity
Pure Vanity

At the time I wrote:

I’ve been playing about with Google news seeing as most “seo news” pulled in there is absolute low grade bollocks. If you’re running a site, Google News syndication is certainly something to mess about with.

Not much changed there then….. but I digress.

Google Profiles

About the same time (circa 2009) Google went all social with a new service called Google Profiles. This means when you “Google Me“, for instance, as I already have a profile set up, a picture of me features in the actual SERPS. At first it’s a vanity thing, but Google’s really getting in on the act of actual finding and giving you more user friendly information on people now possibly with an eye on the success Facebook is.

It used to be the reserve of famous people, social networkers and people with websites, but now anybody can have a crack at featuring at page one in Google for their name, for instance.

Search for ‘Shaun Anderson’ for instance when logged into my Google Account and my picture used to appear at the bottom of the SERPS.


It is working at the moment in the UK SERPS as the screenshot above shows. From a test I did, it’s clear Google is reading the whole page when coming to ranking the Google Profile so better get it optimised fully. The page itself DOES rank for your name, and DOES pass some anchor text value in the test I did too, although that’s before I changed the vanity URL (or it might not now). Google encourages you to, for instance, add your other social network profiles (probably to see who to buy next lol). Don’t be stupid and spam it of course!

I don’t think much of the vanity URL but I was lucky to have a gmail account near the beginning so my Vanity URL (which is tied to your Google Account) is

It’s been connected to my Google Account for a while, so your actual profile page could still be one of the organic listings as well as this new feature, but Google just announced they will be making more of Google Profiles in the future.

Hey, it’s another way for people to find you. And it’s free. And it gets your face on Google. And it’s another low quality link as well, for now anyways.

Google Profiles is now officially Google Plus, if you didn’t know.

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