Why Choose Us To Write Your Website Content?

Well, as industry recognised SEO experts, we know how people search for your services and products. We use specialist SEO tools to identify your important keywords, and create rich content around those keywords, for your website, blog or linkbuilding articles. We know how to write copy for the web that converts visitors to your website!

Publishing and syndicating fresh up-do-date, unique, and original website content is essential and the easiest way of generating more traffic to your site from search engines, and improving rankings for multitudes of keywords.

Website content management and website content writing (copywriting) can be time consuming though – and free website content you can find on other websites will trip the Google duplicate content ‘penalty’ or more accurately duplicate content ‘filter’  – so why not let Hobo organise all this for you?

Content management for websites and ecommerce systems is all the more easier for you in 2011, with the plethora of free content management systems and software packages available. You probably instructed the website content writer to supply your basic info on your home page, your about page, and your contact page, but did you know your product pages might not rank at all because of how little UNIQUE content is on the page? or your services pages might well not be optimised AT ALL to take advantage of the way people search for your products or services? And what happened to your news blog you were going to add up to date news on? It’s probably a bit out of date…. isn’t it?

We can also help by assessing website content for SEO purposes. We create content for websites based on professional keyword research – yes – our website content writers find out what your customers are searching for, and what keywords they use, and weight your articles accordingly to take advantage of the free traffic Google and Bing can send you. Website content analysis includes using keyword tools, and traffic analytics packages, and competitor research tools to understand which keywords and keyword phrases people currently find your site and your competitors.

We create:

  • content for your website
  • content for your news blog
  • content (and syndication services) for your linkbuilding articles

We even advise on which keywords you SHOULD be targeting via a free keyword targeting audit and report, and our core writing team are UK based, with English as their native language.

Need website content? Contact us today!