Operation: Finding & Removing Unnatural Links

This blog is mostly about seo for genuine small businesses and beginners to seo. Although I have touched on other areas that interest me and not specifically seo, I don’t usually blog about all the algorithm changes Google pushes out that are discussed on other blogs. For that, I follow Search Engine Land, mainly. For […]

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WordPress Tips

WordPress Contact Form 7 Redirect To Thank You Page If you are using WordPress Contact Form 7, you might want to redirect visitors to a thank you page when they successfully fill in your form. Ideal if you track completed goals in Google Analytics. Go To WordPress dashboard and go to Contact Form 7 plugin settings page […]

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Keyword Research Services

Is your page not ranking in Google for the correct keywords? Are you spending too much money on expensive and under-performing advertising in Google Adwords? Does keyword research make your mind boggle? Want to outsource the planning of an effective keyword strategy to a professional company, so you can concentrate on running your business? Employ […]

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Affordable & Effective Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Have you used Google AdWords to drive potential customers to your website but not managed to get a good return on your time and money? Just a few years ago, it was relatively cheap & easy to drive potential customers to your website using Google AdWords. These days it’s not so simple. Google rewards the […]

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Search Engine Optimisation Services

We optimize websites to work better in modern search engines like Google.co.uk, Bing.co.uk & Yahoo.co.uk, and get more FREE traffic from these engines. What we do is defined as search engine optimisation (SEO) and our seo services are “white hat” or “ethical”- meaning consultants in our agency consider, recommend and follow search engine guidelines in any optimisation […]

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Contact Us About SEO Campaign Management

We make changes to your website, and your website back-links, to help you get more sales for your business from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Our average full campaign management fees for medium sized online businesses start from £1K per month, or you can purchase a detailed review of your site, and plan […]

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Create Your Own Google Pagerank Checker Tool With Google Docs

Google Pagerank isn’t as useful a metric as it used to be, and on it’s own, has little to do with where you actually rank for a particular keyword. However, while Google themselves state it an indication of the reputation of a page, it is worth having a glance at the Toolbar Pagerank of a page Google publishes. Certainly, keeping an eye on your Toolbar Pagerank isn’t hard, and could indicate interesting events if it goes up, or down.

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Track Changes To Google Webmaster Guidelines

A simple tool to keep track of changes to the top 50 Google Webmaster Guidelines pages and with links to each page and a cache of the page as it appeared recently.

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Hire Hobo To Audit Your Website

Contact us today for a complete technical seo audit carried out by myself and my experienced team of experts. Why us? Well for a start – you most likely found us on Google as we do not advertise our business anywhere else other than organic search. I presume you will want a seo you know can actually rank […]

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SEO News

Stop the press! Got —- to —– keep —-up —–with —– the —- latest —— seo news….. Today and probably every day’s news in the seo world….. LATEST! Google’s transparent monthly changes (were they tell you something about how google works, but actually, don’t tell you anything) BREAKING!! Google changes it’s logo…. Stop The press! […]

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Uk Seo E-book


A beginners guide to seo in the UK