Affordable & Effective Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Have you used Google AdWords to drive potential customers to your website but not managed to get a good return on your time and money?

Just a few years ago, it was relatively cheap & easy to drive potential customers to your website using Google AdWords.

These days it’s not so simple. Google rewards the best advertisers and penalises the rest through it’s ‘Quality Score’ algorithm. Couple this with the fact that competition is fierce, and it’s easy to understand why often only the smartest advertisers are running profitable campaigns.

Google AdWords is still the fastest way to reach your potential customers. But, increasing competition, costs and quality requirements mean that managing your Google advertising campaigns can end up becoming a full time job!

To stay ahead of your competitors you need to consistently test and improve your AdWords campaigns. Do you have the skills, experience & time to do this?

Outsource Your PPC Management For Maximum ROI

If Google AdWords campaign management is just one of your many responsibilities, running your PPC campaigns in-house will inevitably turn out to be a false economy. Adwords is changing all the time. Google introduces new services, new interfaces, and new rules constantly.

As a PPC Management agency, it is our job to keep on top of changes, and make sure our client’s AdWords campaigns are up to date at all times. During new client account audits, we’ve come across too many campaigns that have been running on auto-pilot for months, and with one change from Google, the advertising ROI has plummeted.


Why Choose Hobo To Manage Your PPC Campaigns?

We’re AdWords Qualified & Laser-Focused

As a Google AdWords Certified Agency, we’ve been managing profitable PPC campaigns for years. Our PPC consultants have developed their skills by managing a wide range of AdWords campaigns, day in, day out. Our PPC consultants focus on pay per click campaigns, nothing else. And our clients benefit from this deep level of expertise.

We’re Marketing Geeks

It’s relatively easy to learn the mechanics of setting up an AdWords campaign, but if your PPC consultant doesn’t take the time and effort to understand your customers and their needs, then you will never get the most out of your advertising spend. Writing & testing ad copy that resonates with your customers requires a marketing mindset, not an IT mindset. That’s why our web developers never work on AdWords campaigns!

We Understand Search Theory

Keywords are the foundation of a successful AdWords campaign. The search process might seem simple. Someone visits Google, enters a search query and receives results. But every step of the search process is accompanied by the searcher’s thoughts and expectations. Searches can be navigational, informational or transactional in nature. Understanding the difference allow us to identify the right keywords and align our ad copy accordingly.

We Share Results With Our SEO Experts

PPC goes hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our PPC consultants work with our SEO team here in Greenock (near Glasgow in Scotland) so that our clients get the best of both worlds. A well-managed PPC campaign can quickly determine which keywords are bringing you the most targeted customers. Your PPC traffic can then be used to test and refine your sales funnel so that it is optimised before SEO traffic arrives.


Our PPC Services & Fees

FREE Google AdWords Consultation

Get started by requesting a FREE, 30 minute phone or skype consultation, with one of our PPC specialists. During consultations, our PPC experts often give away valuable advice that can be implemented straight away to improve AdWords ROI. Request a free consultation now

PPC Account Review & Action Plan

Do you know that your AdWords campaigns could be performing better, but you’re struggling to find the time to audit your account? We can carry out a 360º review of your whole account. Within a few days of the review we’ll prepare a customised report that outlines exactly what needs to be done in your account.  In addition, you’ll get a 30 minute phone or skype call to go over all the recommendations provided.

Our PPC Review costs £300. Contact us to schedule your account review.

Google AdWords Training & Support

Is managing Google AdWords just one more thing on your long list of marketing responsibilities? You’ve probably been on countless marketing training courses that have been full of great ideas that you want to try. The challenge is in finding the time to action what you’ve learned!

Our AdWords training is different. For a full day, you get to work with a PPC Specialist who will make improvements to your AdWords account in real-time. You’ll get to see firsthand how an expert would structure and optimise your AdWords campaigns, and instead of coming away with a list of actions to carry out, you get to see the benefits immediately.

Following the initial session, you’ll get an additional 8 hours worth of scheduled phone (or skype) support, where your PPC consultant will review progress with you, and advise on the next steps to optimise your campaigns.

Our Training & Support Programme costs £1200. Contact us to schedule your training.

“The training with Julie was very helpful in getting to grips with AdWords. She was very patient and explained all of the concepts thoroughly. The support calls were also invaluable to get help and support on any issues that cropped up after the training was over. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the AdWords training with Julie to anyone.”

PPC Campaign Management

As you know, there’s a lot of work involved to set-up, test, track and manage Google AdWords campaigns. We provide a high end PPC management service that includes market research and a clear understanding of your customers, their needs, how they search and what works with them. You get a PPC specialist who is dedicated to studying and understanding your target market and your marketing goals.

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