James McInally BA – Former SEO Marketing Manager

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James was the SEO marketing manager at Hobo for just under a year, and has over 15 years’ marketing experience with the last 10 years spent in both online and in traditional marketing maximising client marketing spend. He is now no longer with the company.

SEO Marketing Manager

A Marketing graduate and SEO guru (albeit not quite as experienced as Shaun) he has managed website projects – from beginning to end – ranging in cost from £100 to £250,000. In addition to SEO, he has a particular eye for detail and his skills include PR, print management, advertising, copy writing and event management.

He’ll probably be the first person at Hobo who’ll speak to you about your SEO requirements. He’ll be honest and upfront about both parties’ expectations.  He’ll know to maximise every penny of your marketing budget, even if you don’t spend it with Hobo, i.e. if you sell strawberries off a barrow at weekends, then SEO might not be the most fruitful marketing strategy you need :).

He drinks a lot of tea, has two kids, a dog called Matilda and has a strange dislike of biscuits (particularly non-chocolate ones like custard creams).  He also hates misplaced apostrophes.

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