Automated Wealth Package Scam?

First Easy Google Profit Kit & Work At Home Scams? Now – the Automated Home Profit Kit and Automated Wealth Package scam.

I just found myself onto a site offering a free Google business kit, claiming an easy Google Profit working from home – I asked Shaun about it and he said “lordy is this still going?”. Appears so….

I could tell something was fishy about the easy google profit kit & work from home website as soon as I put eye on the page (I’m not linking to it). There’s clearly a lot of people not too happy with it.

The Easy Google Profit Business kit is being called a scam on many sites – make no doubt about it! Just search Google for easy google profit or easy google profit scam or automated wealth package and you can see for yourself.

A review of Easy Google Profit / Automated Wealth Package:

Now obviously due to these fraudulent and deceptive billing practices I do not recommend this company.

A Google employee might as much says so on the Google site:

“The ‘easy google profit kit’ is not a current product that we sell. While I cannot comment on the specific nature of the software you purchased, it is not supported by Google.”

I’m always wary of such make money fast schemes that pop up all over the net. It mught be better for you if you stay well clear of those, and perhaps the Easy Google Profit Business Kit too!

There is plenty more info about Easy Google Profit Kit & Work-At-Home Scams.

As with everything, if it looks too good to be true it definitely is too good to be true! Avoid!

Also – check out –

Jeez is it just me or do you see more and more banners for these friggin Internet Home Business Kit everywhere? They are operating under the banner Google Online Cash Kit too.

I’m well surprised at some of the well-known sites that carry adverting banners for these home business kits, despite the amount of bad press they seem to be garnering.

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